This documentation supports the 22.1 version of Action Request System.
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Localizing menus

Although there are different types of menus in AR System , you can localize only character, file, and search type menus.

To localize character menus

Use one of the following methods:

  • To localize character menus all at one time, use the Export and Import menu commands in Developer Studio . (See Localizing form views.)
  • To localize character menus manually, modify the values in Developer Studio . (See Creating character menus.)

To localize file menus

  1. Open the file menu in Developer Studio .
  2. Open the file indicated in the path on the File Name file.
  3. Localize the entries in a text editor.
  4. Save a localized version of the text file in the format: filename.fileExtension.language_country.

AR System  searches for the appropriate version of a file menu according to what locale is set as the user preference.

To create a localized search menu

Creating localized menus enables automatic searches on forms based on the user's locale.

  1. In a browser, open the AR System User Preference form.
    For each Windows user who is going to use the localized search menu:
    1. Click the Locale tab.
    2. Enter the locale for that user in the User Locale field.
    3. Save the form.
      For each web user who is going to use the localized search menu:
    4. Open the Remedy Mid Tier Configuration Tool, and click the General Settings link.
    5. Make sure that the preference server names for the relevant users is set in the Preference Server(s) field.
    6. Click Save Changes.
  2. Create the form that will contain the search menu.
  3. Add a Locale (field ID 160) to the form.
  4. Create a Search menu on this form.

    The server automatically appends a query to the search statement, in which the special field value equals the user's locale.

    For example, suppose the base query of a Search menu is:

    "Create Date > 01/01/09"

    Normally, when this query menu is executed, it searches for all records in which the create date is later than 01/01/09. If you add a field with field ID 160 to the form, the server automatically changes the search statement to:

    "Create Date > 01/01/09 AND Field 160 = <usersLocale>"

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