This documentation supports the 22.1 version of Action Request System.
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Giving tenants permission to configure skins

You can enable any user to configure and modify skins on the form views using the Skin Designer role in AR System .  In a multi-tenant environment, you may enable tenants to configure skins for their environment. By default, these tenants do not have the permissions to configure skins. You can enable this feature by mapping Skin Designer role to specific tenant groups.

When the tenant applies skins, the skins will be applied to that server's forms and is limited to that tenant environment. In a mid tier multi-tenant environment, it affects only the tenant using that server.

To enable skins configuration for users

  1. Create a AR System access control group using the Mid Tier .

    Use the Group form to create the group to which you want to grant access for configuring AR System skins. For example, you might want to create a group with a name such as AR System Skin Administrator. For more information about creating a group, see Creating and managing access control groups.
    You can also use an existing group for mapping the Skin Designer role.

  2. Open the Roles form in New mode and create a new role for the following applications:
    1. AR System Administration
    2. AR System Skins
  3. For each application, enter the following details:

    Application NameAR System AdministrationAR System Skins
    Role NameSkin DesignerSkin Designer
    Mapped GroupTest: AR System Skin Administrator
    Production: AR System Skin Administrator

    Test: AR System Skin Administrator
    Production: AR System Skin Administrator

    For more information about creating and mapping roles, see Creating and mapping roles.

If the Skin Designer role is already defined for the above applications, modify the role to add group information by searching the Roles form in Search mode.

When you map the role to the AR System Administrator group, all the users of the group can access the AR System Skin Administration console. In a browser, the user can access the skin administration console by selecting AR System Administration > AR System Skin Administration. For more information about defining skins, see Defining skins and Applying skins to form views.

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