This documentation supports the 22.1 version of Action Request System.
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Configuring the mid tier

Mid Tier  translates client requests, interprets responses from the server, handles web service requests, and runs server-side processes that bring AR System  functionality to web and wireless clients. By acting as an interpreter, the mid tier allows a browser to become a fully functional AR System  client.

Remedy Mid Tier Configuration Tool enables you to configure mid tier property settings. The settings are written to the file on the  Mid Tier server. Settings include:

  • The list of  AR System server to access
  • Session time-out interval
  • Directory locations
  • Reporting tool options
  • Logging options
  • Cache policy options
  • Connections for load balancing
  • Flashboards  options
  • Home page server options
  • User authentication for web services

The Cultures.xml file

Mid Tier  fetches information about locale specific date and time format from the User Preference form. If the information is not available in the User Preference form, Mid Tier  fetches the same information from the Cultures.xml file, where you can update the locale specific date and time format. The file is located in the miditer\WEB-INF\ folder.

Where to go from here

The following topics provide detailed information about how to present application data and how to interact with the user by using the Mid Tier :

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