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Configuring Mid Tier as a service

This topic provides the configuration steps for  Mid Tier  so that the multitenant  Mid Tier  can serve requests from multiple customers.

Before you begin

  • Set up the enterprise centralized configuration server or servers.
  • Create a Mid Tier cluster. 
  • Install tenants or upgrade the platform components for the existing tenants.

To configure the  Mid Tier as a shared service

StepActionAdditional information

Add the first tenant to the cluster by onboarding a new tenant on a BMC Remedy Mid Tier

Onboard a new tenant on a Mid Tier in the cluster. Configure the ECCS and provide the Cluster Identifier, add the tenant AR System server and edit the tenant specific properties for the Mid Tier . For all other Mid Tier s in the cluster, only configure the ECCS and provide the Cluster Identifier that is the same as for the first Mid Tier . The Cluster Identifier for the cluster should be unique. 

Create a good cache and back up the Mid Tier cacheA copy of the cache is used to restore the cache if it gets corrupted.

(Optional) Configure BMC Atrium Single Sign-On for tenant

Perform this step if you have installed BMC Atrium Single Sign-On as a High Availability (HA) cluster environment for multitenancy support.


Configure BMC Service Management Process Model for a tenant

Perform the BMC Service Management Process Model (SMPM) configuration procedures. 
5Configuring the load balancerConfigure the load balancer to ensure that the user requests for the new tenant are diverted to this cluster. Test the cluster and provide access to the new tenant. 
6Add the remaining tenantsAdd the remaining tenants to the cluster one by one by following steps 4 through 8.  
(Optional) Add (n+1)th BMC Remedy Mid Tier to the cluster

If required, add an extra Mid Tier to the cluster.

(Optional) Offboarding a tenant on a BMC Remedy Mid Tier cluster

If a tenant needs to be moved from a cluster or is unsubscribed from the environment, offboard the tenant.

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