This documentation supports the 22.1 version of Action Request System.
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Archiving data

The archive feature of  AR System  provides a convenient way to periodically store data (not definitions) from a form to an archive form; this reduces the amount of data accessed during searches on the main form, thus improving system performance. Archiving applies to all types of forms, except display-only forms, Vendor forms, and join forms. The main form is the form on which archive is set (data is read from this form), and the archive form is the form to which data is copied.

The archive form is a regular form with special behaviors. It must be on the same server as the main form.

When configuring a form for archiving, you can designate an existing form as the archive form if it has the characteristics of an archive form. (See Archive form characteristics.) If you do not enter the name of an existing form, AR System  creates the form.

The following archive types are available:

  • Copy to Archive and Delete from Source—The entries you choose from the main form are copied to the archive form and deleted from the main form.
  • Delete from Source—The entries you choose from the main form are deleted; no archive form is involved.
  • None—Select this option to delete the archive settings for the form. The form is not archived.

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