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Using BMC Helix Innovation Suite to enable business process automation

BMC Helix Innovation Suite  enables you to automate many business processes without learning a programming language or using complex development tools. Non-programmers can build powerful business workflow applications and deploy them simultaneously in web, Microsoft Windows, UNIX, and Linux environments.

BMC Helix Innovation Suite is a professional development environment that leverages the recommendations of the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL).

The following graphic shows a simplified process of using BMC Helix Innovation Suite to automate business processes:

Applications built with BMC Helix Innovation Suite can automatically track anything that is important to the processes in your enterprise. Companies use service management applications built by using BMC Helix Innovation Suite to track diverse items such as stock trades, benefits data, inventory assets, spare parts, and fulfillment orders. With sufficient planning, even workflow-intensive procedures can be automatically maintained in an orderly manner. 

Business process automation scenarios

One of the most common uses of BMC Helix Innovation Suite is to automate internal service desks and provide a platform for non-programmers to modify ready-to-use BMC applications or create custom applications to fit their unique enterprise.

The following examples show how:

  • AR System automates the offer of knowledge base articles, the entry of information in the request form, the assignment notification, the closure notification, and the emergency response. 
  • BMC Digital Workplace enables end users to solve problems themselves.

Managing a service desk

Britney is a business user, and her printer is not working. She logs on to her company's AR System service desk portal and enters information about the problem. The system automatically offers several knowledge base articles that might help with her problem, but none of them resolved the issue for her.

Hence, Britney opens a service desk request through the portal to get further assistance from the IT department. When she enters her phone number in the request form, details of her system configuration and location are automatically populated in the form. She fills in the remaining details and submits the request. She immediately receives a message informing her that her problem is assigned to Carl, Service Desk Agent.

Carl was automatically notified about the issues. He contacts Britney and reviews the issue on her computer by using screen sharing and remote control. He then fixes the printer by using his knowledge of similar problems and closes the case. Britney is notified that the problem is fixed.

If Britney's problem had been an emergency that was not handled within an hour, the system would have automatically notified the appropriate support personnel and sent an email message to Britney, informing her of the request status.

Based on this scenario, the following image shows how a Service Desk application helps users with reaching the right team to get their issue resolved:

Provision software and a new email account 

Jill recently started to manage a high-profile project for a new team. She needs Microsoft Visio to create process diagrams. She also wants a separate email account to communicate about this project. She searches the catalog in BMC Helix Digital Workplace for Visio and submits a request. No approvals are required for this software request. Before long, the BMC Client Management Agent installs the software on her laptop. Jill also opens a request in BMC Helix Digital Workplace for a Microsoft Office 365 email account. She answers a few questions to specify the email address, password, and other details for the account. When the account is generated, Jill receives a notification message.

The following image shows an example of how  BMC Digital Workplace enables self-service: 

Business process automation by using  BMC Helix Innovation Suite benefits

  • Codeless applications: Non-programmers can build powerful business workflow applications. BMC Helix Innovation Suite offers a simpler solution than hard-coded applications and development toolkits, which are typically inflexible and often require extensive technical knowledge and time to use. 
  • Automation: Automate processes without learning a programming language or using complex development tools.
  • Compatibility: Applications that are built with BMC Helix Innovation Suite  are compatible with different operating systems and can be deployed across different environments easily. 
  • Integrations: Easily integrate diverse third-party applications and enable access to BMC Helix Innovation Suite  applications from those applications.

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