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Getting started

The BMC Helix Innovation Suite provides the infrastructure and foundation for BMC's Service Management applications and for custom application built with  Developer Studio or BMC Helix Innovation Studio Open link .

Companies use BMC's Service Management applications to implement and follow IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) processes, such as service desk, case management, or asset management.

  • Administrators are responsible for tasks such as the initial deployment, user management, and system administration.
  • Developers build and deploy applications, as well as perform administrative task in development environments. 

If you are new to the BMC Helix Innovation Suite  product, read and perform getting started tasks relevant to your role. If you are not sure where to start, read the BMC Helix Innovation Suite overview

Related topics

Onboarding and implementing

Getting started Open link in BMC Helix ITSM documentation.

Getting started Open link in BMC Helix Innovation Studio documentation

This section will help you to get started with the  BMC Helix Innovation Suite  product documentation.

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