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Adding RTF fields in Progressive Web Applications

As a Remedy developer, you can configure character fields as rich text format (RTF) fields to enable your application users to make formatting changes. 

Application users can perform the following tasks using RTF editors:

  • Edit and format rich text.
  • Add content from Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook, or HTML while retaining the supported formatting.

To add RTF fields in Progressive Web Applications 

  1. In  Developer Studio , create a progressive view.
  2. In Palette, in the Data Fields section, drag Character into the view.
  3. Select the character field.
  4. In the Properties pane, in the Display > Display Type list, select Rich Text.
  5. Save the changes.

To validate the RTF field in PWA

  1. In a browser, log in to PWA.
  2. Change the URL to include the Progressive View form that you created in  Developer Studio .<serverName>:8080/arsys/pwa/#/forms/<serverName>/<formName>/<viewName>
  3. (Optional) If you want to display more changes you made in  Developer Studio , you must sync the cache in Mid Tier. 
    1. Log in to  Mid Tier  configuration.
    2. Click Sync Cache.
    3. Refresh the browser displaying the progressive view form.

  4. As an application user, you can perform the following tasks in the RTF editor:

    • Add content that uses standard HTML markup, this RTF editor renders the content without any loss of formatting.
    • Edit the existing rich text content.
    • Copy content from Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook, or HTML while retaining most of the supported formatting.

    • You can view the following text editing options in the RTF editor. 


      Make the selected text bold, italicized, underlined, or strikethrough.

      Select the text color and text highlighting background.

      Set the paragraph so that it aligns evenly on the left or center, or justifies the text.

      Create an ordered or unordered list.

      Create special formatting to any text so that it is displayed prominently as shown in the following example:

      Set paragraph formatting style such as headings.

      Make the selected text subscript or superscript.

      Embed a video when you provide the embed URL.

      Insert a URL.
      The URL must contain the protocol such as http:// or  https://.
      For example, enter instead of entering

      Insert an image into the RTF field.
      You can also copy and paste images into the RTF field.

      Remove the last 30 changes made in the RTF editor or reverses the undo action.

    Limitations and workarounds for users

    Progressive Web Applications users are creating text in RTF fields may see the following behaviors:


    When application users copy and paste the text along with images into the RTF editor, the image does not get copied.

    Instead of copying text along with images, copy the image separately and paste it into the RTF editor.
    When application align text to the center, the text reverts to being left-aligned after saving.None
    When you add a URL without the protocol, the URL may not work after saving.When entering URLs, you must also include the protocol.
    For example, enter instead of entering just
    After you save the URL, you cannot open the URL by clicking on it.To open a URL added in the RTF editor, right-click and open it in a new tab or window.
    You cannot create HTML tables or paste HTML tables into an RTF field.None

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  1. Herman Skubic

    When we can expect the extended formating capabilities. That's way too few

    Aug 23, 2022 03:33
    1. Chaitanya Vikas Ghanta

      Hi Herman, 
      Thanks for the feedback! Could you please check with support if they can help you with this?

      Sep 30, 2022 04:48