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Troubleshooting issues when publishing REST API services

You can publish REST services by using AR System REST API. The REST API uses dedicated Java Server Pages (JSP) Engine Jetty, which is integrated with AR System server as a single process.

All REST API calls must be authenticated by using JSON Web Token (JWT) or the BMC Helix Single Sign-On (RSSO) token. Clients such as curl, Postman, or  BMC TestHttpClient can make calls to Remedy REST APIs.

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  • The Jetty server is not accessible
  • REST API connection issue with RSSO are observed
  • The token is not generated
  • The logs are not generated
  • The incident is not created
  • Attachment related Issues are observed
  • ARERR 9093 occurs
  • The attachments are not received by Salesforce (integration)


  • One or more users experience the problem.


Perform the following steps to troubleshoot issues when publishing Remedy REST API:





Download the client

REST API client:

(Recommended) TestHttpClient (see TestHttpClient - Command line tool to test HTTP(S) services )

List of third-party clients:

2Ensure that the Jetty server is up and running 

By default, the Jetty server runs on port 8008(http) or 8443 (https). 

For information about enabling Jetty server, see Configuring the REST API by using SSL certificates

For information on troubleshooting Jetty startup issues, see Knowledge article 000253953 .

3Generate a token 

AR System server performs the normal authentication mechanisms to validate the credentials. If the credentials are valid, the AR System server generates a JSON Web Token (JWT). For more information, see Access and authentication for the REST API.

For information about TestHTTPClient Tool, see an article on BMC Communities TestHttpClient - Command line tool to test HTTP(S) services .

For information about how to verify if the REST API is working, see an article on BMC Communities Remedy AR System - REST API: How to verify if it's working .


Ensure that the API is excluded in the file.

RSSO Agent installed on AR System server is configured by default to filter REST calls received on Jetty. Some customers are OK with this and use RSSO to authenticate REST, if this is not the case follow this KB to disable RSSO from interfering

Knowledge article: REST API connection failed after RSSO 9.1.04 integration agent upgrade


Ensure that you are using the Interface forms to create an incident

The new Incident ticket needs to be generated based on "HPD:IncidentInterface_Create", rather than "HPD:Help Desk" form.

 See these knowledge articles for help with creating Incident.

How to create new Incident ticket through REST API

Use REST API on HPD:IncidentInterface Form to update the assigned group

How to add a task request to incident managmenet using rest API


If you are a non admin user, make calls from a single client

BMC Remedy Server restricts all non-administrative users to have active login session only from one host/IP address.

To ensure Remedy integrations which rely on REST API calls run without any errors, you need to make sure the calls are made from a user with administrator rights. 

Knowledge article: When making REST API calls from multiple hosts using non admin user getting "User is currently connected from another machine or incompatible session." (ARERR 9093)


Collect Network trace when you use third party tools

(Which third-party tools?)

Use HttpFileClient Tool as it provides detail and control over what is sent in the network. This would help track the input and output. 

Knowledge article: TestHttpClient - Command line tool to test HTTP(S) services

8Analyze the common scenarios

(i)How to send attachments via the Remedy REST API

Knowledge article: How to send attachments into Remedy REST API

(ii)Wrong query format with fieldnames that contain parentheses

Knowledge article: REST API Error 124 "Wrong query format cannot have nested parentheses" when querying with the fields option

(iii)How to use Standalone Postman - SSL issues

Knowledge article: How to use Standalone Postman - SSL issues

(iv) How to enable SSL on Jetty - AR System server

BMC Community document: How to Enable SSL on Jetty

8Enable logs

Enable jetty logs in debug mode (See How to turn logging on for REST API problems .)

Note : If logs are enabled following option 2, make sure to disable logs once you capture the behavior.

As it creates a lot of information in arerror.log


Create a case with BMC Support

Collect and send logs with detailed information when creating a case with BMC Support:

  1. Provide the following information as part of your case:

    • Working and non working use case
    • A description of the behavior occurring or the problem actions
    • Details on who is affected by the problem.
    • Any error messages received

  2. Gather the jetty logs enabled in step 8. Using a zip file allows to create a copy of the files and improve transfer times.
  3. Attach the zip files to your case (up to 2 GB) or FTP the files to BMC

See Steps to send logs, files, screenshots, etc to BMC Support for a Remedy Product related case .

10Analyze logs

You can review the logs yourself to try to identify error messages or behaviors.

Use the table below to help identify possible symptoms and solutions

After you determine a specific symptom or error message, use the following table to identify the solution:


The browser receives no response or connection error when accessing a
URL pointing to REST API


AR System 9x and above

Enable debug logs on jetty and create support case with logs and jetty/etc folder

How to turn logging on for REST API problems

Rest API Call
returns a CORS restriction message

 "origin 'null' has been blocked by CORS policy: No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource"

Browser accessing web application using REST API

Make sure you have configured the server to allow requests from specific domains (and methods)

If this fails. Capture a fiddler logs and create a support case

Setting a proxy in tomcat, that will bypass the CORS problem using Rest API

How to capture a problem using Fiddler

REST API taking too long to respond and generating "500 Internal Server Error"

AR System 9x and above

For 9.0, 9.1 and 9.1.03

 With Remedy 9.1 SP4 the version of Jetty is 9.3.7 which has enhanced the stability & performance of REST API/Jetty. Hence, it's recommended to upgrade to AR System v9.1.04 version.

For 9.1.04 and higher 

Try to replicate the problem and share with us both the logs for analysis

 API+SQL+Filter and Jetty logs.

How to turn logging on for REST API problems

Timeout while submitting Incident with attachment

"messageType": "ERROR", "messageText": "Timeout during data retrieval due to busy server -- retry the operation",
"messageAppendedText": "",
"messageNumber": 93

AR System 9.x and above

Check if you can submit any other request using postman without attachments successfully.

If yes then there could be an issue with JSON payload, make sure you are not missing comma and bracket braces

    "z1D_Details":"Test Attachment",
    "z1D_WorklogDetails":"Test Details"


If still, it fails then please collect jetty logs

How to send attachments into Remedy REST API

How to turn logging on for REST API problems

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