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Planning to develop an application by using Developer Studio

An  AR System  application is a tool that you create to track data, processes, and issues. An application is an entity that consists of forms, workflow, and related objects that you have created in  AR System server . Forms collect and display data, and workflow directs the actions of the application.

Forms make up the basic user interface elements and "building blocks" of an application. Forms contain fields where users enter or update information. Whenever information is added or updated in a field, the database is updated. Each form corresponds to a set of tables in the database, and each field corresponds to a column in the database table. Depending on its purpose, an application can contain one form, or a set of forms.

Workflow objects such as active links, filters, escalations, active link guides, and filter guides tie together events and actions to define the behavior of the application. For example, user actions and changes to data and other interaction with the user. Workflow runs when a specified condition occurs, such as when a user tabs into or enters information into a field, an amount of time has passed, the status of an item changes, or a process runs.

For descriptions of the key components that make up AR System  applications, see Application development overview.

This section describes the details about developing AR System  applications with Developer Studio . Topics include:

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