This documentation supports the 20.02 version of Remedy Action Request (AR) System.

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Troubleshooting issues with BMC Atrium CMDB

Here are some common problems that can arise in CMDB implementations:

  • Import and reconciliation take significant time
    Make sure that only business-critical information is stored in the CMDB. Use federation for access to real-time or secondary information. Make sure that the database server is connected to AR System through a 100MB or 1GB network link. If you add custom workflow to CMDB forms, test it with high data-load scenarios and confirm that you do not see time-outs.
  • Reconciliation Engine cannot identify instances
    Make sure that proper discovery options are used so identification attributes have non-null unique values.
  • Configuration items have multiple instances (duplicates)
    Make sure that import datasets have accurate data and that identification rules are working correctly for each dataset.
  • Class Manager changes are left pending 
    Only change the class model if absolutely required. Restrict access in the Class Manager to a single user. Make attribute changes one at a time and wait for changes to complete before proceeding. Changes to BMC_BaseElement can take two hours or longer.
  • Class model is out-of-sync with underlying AR System forms
    Except for the look and feel, do not use BMC Remedy Administrator to edit CMDB-related forms in AR System. Always use the CMDB user interface instead.
  • Adapter.OpenConnection completed with errors issued StartDataHandlers: Vendor Data Handler failed to start
    Verify that you specified the correct AR System server user name and password. Also test the external data store connection by using the Test Connection button on the Connection Settings tab before you trigger the data exchange.
  • Filter/escalation 'set fields' process timed out before completion. Set fields active link running a process failed
    From the AR System Administration Console, click System > General > Server Information > Timeouts. Also increase the Process Timeout setting for the AR System server. The default value for the Timeout setting is 5 seconds.
  • Cannot run the requested process. Set fields active link running a process failed
    Verify whether the installer copied the aiexfer utility in the AR System installation Directory. If not, verify whether BMC Atrium Integration Engine was successfully installed.
  • Required field cannot be reset to a NULL value PCT:Product Catalog
    Product Categorization Tier 1" - Ensure that following fields Category, Type, Item and Manufacturer Name are mapped. Dataset which you are using for Data transfer should be selected as Trusted in Dataset form.

For more information, see the  Troubleshooting Open link  section of the BMC Atrium Core documentation.

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