This documentation supports the 20.02 version of Remedy Action Request (AR) System.

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Running external processes introduction

One of the simplest ways to integrate two applications is to execute one application from within another. BMC Remedy AR System enables you to include execution of external applications as part of workflow to enhance or supplement the features of BMC Remedy AR System.

The reverse case, where another application executes an AR System client, is also valid. See Integration considerations.

Beyond simply starting the external application, BMC Remedy AR System provides process-control functionality for these types of integration:

  • Data passing and retrieving — When BMC Remedy AR System executes external applications (either manually or automatically), information from any form in the AR System database can be extracted and passed as run-time arguments. You can also retrieve data by using a Run Process command and place it in a field.
  • Client and server execution — External applications can be executed locally on the AR System client, or remotely on the AR System server.
  • Synchronously and Asynchronously — Run Process on a filter and escalation is asynchronous. All other Run Process commands (including $PROCESS$ in a Set Fields action) run synchronously.

Executing an external process is done using the Run Process workflow action, available for filters, active links, and escalations, or in a Set Fields action with the $PROCESS$ keyword.

For additional information, see Run Process action.

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