This documentation supports the 20.02 version of Remedy Action Request (AR) System.

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Manually integrating Remedy Single Sign-On with Jetty server

An AR System administrator can manually integrate Remedy Single Sign-On (Remedy SSO) with the Jetty server. A manual integration is required when:

  • You are using Remedy SSO version 19.05 or earlier.
  • The Remedy SSO installation fails. 

By default, the AR System server and Jetty server are installed on the same computer.

Before you begin

  • Make sure that the Remedy SSO server is up and running.
  • Extract the Remedy SSO installer on a Jetty server. 

To manually integrate Remedy SSO with Jetty server

  1. Stop the AR System server.
  2.  In the ar.cfg file located in the <AR System Installation directory>/conf folder, add the following lines:

    Allow-Guest-Users: F
  3. In the rsso.cfg file, located in the <RSSODistr>/BMCRemedySSO/Disk1/files/rsso-area-plugin/rsso.cfg folder, perform the following steps:

    1. Define the RSSO server URL. Add the domain name registered with Remedy SSO server along with server name. 
      SSO-SERVICE-URL: http://<RSSOServerName>:<RSSOServerPort>/rsso
      For example, 
    2. Copy the modified rsso.cfg file to the <AR System Installation directory>/conf folder.

  4. Add the file and move the file to the ARSystem/Conf folder.

    1. Set the Remedy SSO properties as shown in the following example.
      Before setting the properties, ensure that the domain name you are using in the URL is registered with the Remedy SSO server.

      sso-external-url=http://<RSSOServerName.domain name>:<RSSOServerPort>/rsso
      sso-service-url=http://<RSSOServerName.domain name>:<RSSOServerPort>/rsso
  5. Perform the following steps to add the rsso-log.cfg file and move it to the <AR_SERVER_HOME >/conf folder:

    1. In the rsso-log.cfg file, update the required information. For example, log directory and log level.
    2. Copy the modified rsso-log.cfg file to the < AR_SERVER_HOME>/conf folder.
  6. Perform the following steps to update the pluginsvr_config.xml file located in the <AR_SERVER_HOME >/pluginsvr folder:

    1. Comment the following plug-ins (if they exists):

    2. Add the following plug-ins:


      Ensure that the version of the gson-2.3.1.jar file is compatible with the Remedy SSO version installed.

  7.  To update the arserverd.config file, located in the <AR System installation directory>/bin folder, add the following line after JVM.Option.NN parameters, where NN is next number in the file. For example, if the file contains last number as 22, NN is 23. 

  8. Copy the following JAR files:

    File nameFrom locationTo location










  9. Start the AR System server.

Remedy SSO is integrated with the Jetty server.

When the manual integration is complete, on the Remedy SSO server, add a new realm for every tenant. See the following screenshots about how to configure a realm: 

For more information, see MultiExcerpt named Configuring realms was not found -- Please check the page name and MultiExcerpt name used in the MultiExcerpt-Include macro in Remedy SSO online documentation.

Where to go from here

Accessing and navigating the new CMDB user interface Open link

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  1. Tristan Calaquian

    Please correct Step 4 - and move it to the Remedy SSO distributive: /BMCRemedySSO/Disk1/files/rsso-agent/

    This should be "move to ARSystem/Conf"

    Feb 23, 2021 12:44