This documentation supports the 20.02 version of Remedy Action Request (AR) System.

To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Enabling plug-ins

This section contains information about:

BMC Remedy AR System plug-ins enable you to extend AR System server functionality to external data (data not contained in the AR System database). This section describes each type of AR System plug-in and provides general information about plug-ins.


To extend client functionality, you use the AR System C API or Java API. See Integration considerations, Creating and executing BMC Remedy AR System C API programs and BMC Remedy AR System Java API overview.

You can get the class name and setting name information about a plug-in the BMC Remedy AR System Administration Console.

Plugin Server Configuration form – Plugin Configuration tab
(Click the image to expand it.)

Plugin Configuration tab

  1. In a browser, open the BMC Remedy AR System Administration Console, and click System > General > Plugin Server Configuration.
  2. On the Plugin Server Configuration form, click the Plugin Configuration tab.
  3. In the Plugins area, click a plug-in name.
    The class name of the plug-in is displayed in the Plugin Class Name field, and one or more setting names are displayed in the Path Elements area. 

The following table provides information about AR System plug-ins:


  • The configurations for all Java plug-ins are available in Centralized Configuration, while the configurations for all C plug-ins are not available in Centralized Configuration.
  • All Java plug-ins are supported by version 9.1 and later, and all C plug-ins are supported by version 9.0 and later.

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Plug-in NamePlug-in TypeArchitectureDescriptionUsed By


AR FilterJavaThis plug-in is used to register, modify, and unregister web services. The AR System server interacts with the AR Registry plug-in when an event occurs on the AR System Web Services Registry form.AR System server
ARSYS.ARDBC.REGISTRYARDBCJavaThis plug-in is used to register, modify, and unregister web services.AR System server
ARSYS.ARF.RSAKEYPAIRGENERATORAR FilterJavaThis plug-in is used by an RSA 2048-bit asymmetric encryption algorithm in the server to create a public and private key pair. During installation, the server exports the key pair to the AR System Key Store form, and the AR System Server to the Key Map form. The key pair is protected with the 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption.AR System server
ARSYS.ARF.ARMIGRATEAR FilterJavaThis plug-in interacts with the Deployment Management Console when a build process, validate process, deploy process, or rollback process is initiated.Deployment Management Console

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AR FilterJavaThis plug-in is used to check the configurations of the AR System. It gives recommendations against the ideal configurations. The Unified Data Management (UDM) functionality uses this plug-in.Unified Data Management (UDM)
ARSYS.ARDBC.PENTAHOARDBCJavaThis plug-in connects and interacts with the AR System server by using the BMC Remedy AR System Java APIs. It enables you to run and monitor Atrium Integrator jobs and transformations from BMC Remedy AR vendor forms. It is designed specifically to enable a BMC Remedy AR System or BMC Remedy IT Service Management application user to create a comprehensive, AR form-based data management user interface.AR System server
ARSYS.ALRT.TWITTERAR FilterJavaThis plug-in provides a way to send an alert notification or a "tweet" to a valid Twitter account.AR System server
ARSYS.ARF.TWITTERAR FilterJavaThis plug-in provides a way to authorize a Twitter account and register a mapping between the BMC Remedy AR System user and Twitter user accounts.AR System server
ARSYS.ARDBC.FTSCONFIGARDBCJavaThis plug-in is used by the Full Text Search (FTS) Configuration console. You can use the AR System Administration FTS Configuration form to configure FTS. You can access this form from the BMC Remedy AR System Administration Console.FTS Configuration Console
ARSYS.AREA.AREALDAPAREAJavaThis plug-in enables you to authenticate BMC Remedy AR System users against external Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) directory services. It implements the AREA LDAP Configuration form.AR System server
ARSYS.ARDBC.LDAPARDBCJavaThis plug-in enables you to access data from an external LDAP system through the ARDBC LDAP Configuration form.AR System server
ARSYS.ARDBC.PREVIEWARDBCJavaThis plug-in is the Approval Server Engine. It performs Approval Server functionality while also serving as a Vendor Form used by the Approval Engine.AR System server
RMDY.ITSM.RKM.UPDATEKAMMAPPINGSAR FilterJavaThis plug-in is used to fix the date of migrated Knowledge Articles. This plug-in is used by Remedy Knowledge Management (RKM).Remedy Knowledge Management (RKM)
RMDY.ITSM.RKM.REGISTRATIONAR FilterJavaThis plug-in provides the interface for the RKM user to register new knowledge sources and to modify, remove, enable, and disable knowledge sources.Remedy Knowledge Management (RKM)
RMDY.ITSM.RKM.FILESYSTEMARDBCJavaThis plug-in synchronizes files that are modified or added since the last sync with the RKM:KnowledgeArticleManager form.Remedy Knowledge Management (RKM)
RMDY.ITSM.RKM.FORMPERMISSIONSAR FilterJavaThis plug-in is used when you register the BMC Remedy AR System form as a knowledge base item. It is called when you open the Accessibility screen of the Knowledge Registration Wizard. It also extracts the permissions that are assigned to the AR System form by using the BMC Remedy AR System API and adds this information to the RKM:SourceFormPermissions_Temp form.Remedy Knowledge Management (RKM)
RMDY.ITSM.RKM.FS.KAM.SYNCAR FilterJavaThis plug-in synchronizes files that were modified or added since the last sync with the RKM:KnowledgeArticleManager form. A BMC Remedy AR System escalation calls this plug-in and passes the latest sync time.Remedy Knowledge Management (RKM)
RMDY.ITSM.RKM.LOGLEVEL.CHANGEARDBCJavaThis plug-in is used to change the log levels of the Remedy Knowledge Management (RKM) plug-ins. It is used when a user modifies the RKM:SystemConfig form.Remedy Knowledge Management (RKM)
RMDY.ITSM.RKM.DOCSMIGRATIONAR FilterJavaThis plug-in converts an old Remedy Knowledge Management (RKM) System (7.1/7.2/7.5 non-AR System based) article to a BMC Remedy AR System-based RKM article.Remedy Knowledge Management (RKM)
RMDY.ITSM.RKM.GROUPARDBCJavaThis plug-in gets group-related information from the Group form, because the BMC Remedy Knowledge Management (RKM) user does not have permissions to use the Group form. It queries the data by logging on as a BMC Remedy Application Service user and retrieving the read-only data from the form.Remedy Knowledge Management (RKM)
RMDY.CAI.RESTFUL.CLIENT.FILTER.PLUGINAR FilterJavaThis plug-in establishes communication between the Change Management application and BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management Server. It gets data from CAI and pushes data to a RESTful web service exposed by BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management. This plug-in refers to the configuration data for communicating with RESTful web services.IT Service Management (ITSM)
REMEDY.ARF.ZIPATTACHMENTSAR FilterJavaThis plug-in is provided by ITSM with Rule Based Engine (RBE). It is used for zipping the attachments coming with email messages.IT Service Management (ITSM)
ARSYS.ARF.SDGAR FilterJavaThis plug-in looks up the BMC Remedy AR System forms, fields, and conditional dependency of fields and retrieves the field properties, such as the help text, length, and label. It then generates columns for each field in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. It reformats the data to the correct set, and eliminates the possibility of data mismatch by generating spreadsheets directly from the AR System forms.AR System server
REMEDY.ARF.HTML2TEXTAR FilterJavaThis plug-in is used by SRM to strip some HTML tags from character data, for example, in Work Order details. This plug-in is also a part of Rule Based Engine (RBE).Service Request Management (SRM)
RMDY.ITSM.OffsetCalculationAR FilterJavaThis plug-in calculates the time zone differences with the current server time and updates the CFG:Time Zone.IT Service Management (ITSM)
RMDY.ITSM.ASSET.SOFTWAREUSAGEARDBCJavaThis plug-in enables you to gather product usage information. By querying the usage information, you can identify products that are tied to a certificate or multiple certificates that might be approaching expiration or a breach of compliance. The usage information can also be checked against a product in the product catalog, such as Adobe Acrobat that requires a contract. This produces a list of CIs that have usage information. The purpose of the plug-in is to help the IT asset managers understand what software instances are used or are not used, so that they can make harvesting decisions.IT Service Management (ITSM)
RMDY.ITSM.ARLAR FilterJavaThis plug-in checks the BMC Remedy AR System licenses.IT Service Management (ITSM)
RMDY.ITSM.RLEAR FilterJavaThis plug-in is a stand-alone BMC Remedy rules-driven engine with the Java engine running in the back end. It provides the interface for defining and running rules, such as getting data from a data source and updating or processing data in the data source. It also facilitates asset management within the software license compliance functionality.IT Service Management (ITSM)
RMDY.ITSM.RLECONFIGARDBCJavaThis plug-in configures the log level, log file path, and log file size of the Rule Engine plug-in. It also permits you to view the Rule Engine plug-in log file.IT Service Management (ITSM)
DSO.FILTERCONFIGURATIONARDBCJavaThis plug-in adds or deletes a DSO action, such as DSO Delete, DSO Return, or DSO Transfer to or from a filter. This DSO action is then used as an event for DSO. The filter list is provided in a configuration form, which is an input for the plug-in configuration.AR System server
BMC.REMEDY.ITSM.INCIDENT.DLPAR FilterJavaThis plug-in checks for DLP security events in Office 365.  For each event found, it generates an incident in ITSM.ITSM - Incident Management
REMEDY.ARF.CAIAR FilterJavaThis plug-in is used to create, update, and receive data from other back-office applications. It provides dynamic data-mapping mechanism because you cannot use workflow to push values to dynamic fields. It also helps to address issues caused by incompatible permission models. This plug-in is used within BMC Service Request Management to process variables that are used during processing of submitted service requests. It also helps you move data between different sources and destinations. It enables bidirectional communication with external applications and delivers command events, depending on the protocol used.SRM and UDM
REMEDY.ARDBC.APPQUERYARDBCC/JavaThis plug-in queries several BMC Remedy AR System forms and consolidates the results, which you can display in the Overview console or in a table field. This plug-in supports only read functionality.AR System server
REMEDY.ARF.ITSMUtilAR FilterJavaThis plug-in is used to set the Knowledge Article field as an input parameter. It is also used to create or delete an approval filter when a user defines a custom approval chain.IT Service Management (ITSM)
REMEDY.ARF.CBDATAAR FilterJavaBMC Asset Management uses the Cost module to track costs associated with CIs. This integration uses the common cost creation dialog box that is provided by the Cost module. The fields on the CI user interface forms integrate with BMC Asset Management forms to show cost data related with a CI.AR System server
NextIdAR FilterJavaThis plug-in is used to merge new IDs on a form. It creates a new entry, adds a request ID, and then merges this entry on a specified form with the merge type as AR_MERGE_ENTRY_DUP_MERGE, which updates the fields specified in the field list in the existing entry.AR System server
ABYDOS.ARID.FILTERAPIAR FilterJavaThis plug-in connects and interacts with the AR System server by using the BMC Remedy AR System Java APIs. It enables you to execute the process designer process.Process Designer
ARSYS.ARDBC.ARREPORTENGINEARDBCJavaThis plug-in is used when you create or modify a BIRT report.AR System server
ARSYS.ARDBC.CONFIGFILEARDBCCThis plug-in is used by the server to read and write the ar.conf file.AR System server
ARSYS.ARDBC.REPORTARDBCCThis plug-in is used for creating, running, and scheduling the native and BIRT reports.AR System server

AR Filter


This plug-in is used to perform search from a non-indexer server in a server group. It provides row-level and field-level security for indexed data during searches. It supports the multiform search used by applications such as BMC Remedy Knowledge Management (RKM).

AR System server

AR Filter

JavaThis plug-in is used to parse parameters utilized by out-of-the-box Business Intelligence Reporting Tool (BIRT) reports. It is called when you create or modify a BIRT report.AR System server

AR Filter

JavaThis plug-in is used when you publish a BIRT report. It is executed when you publish the report either manually or when using a job scheduler.AR System server

AR Filter

JavaThis plug-in is used to convert a formatted BMC Remedy AR System qualification into an encoded qualification. This formatted qualification is used by the BIRT report and is also used when performing the search.AR System server

AR Filter

JavaThis plug-in is used to schedule a BIRT report. It is used for calculating the next schedule to publish a report based on a recurring value that is provided when defining the schedule for the BIRT report.AR System server


ARDBCJavaThis is the Atrium Impact Simulator plug-in. It is responsible for handling commands form the user interface, organizing the simulation information, and creating results. It uses the filter interface to receive commands, such as add input, update input, or simulate. It is responsible for queuing the CMDB for all the components and relationships and calculating the impact for the simulation.Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


ARDBCJavaThis is the Unified Service Modeling (USM) plug-in. It provides an interface that offers convenience for working with business services. It provides an interface for BMC Remedy AR System applications, such as BMC Service Request Management and BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management to access USM-related features through the vendor form.Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


ARDBCJavaThis plug-in is the back-end logic that supports BMC Atrium Service Context. BMC Atrium Service Context collects key attributes from several BMC applications and provides that information in a consistent and summarized format.Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


ARDBCJavaThis plug-in is used to support the create, read, update, and delete operations on instances in the deprecated classes in the BMC Atrium CMDB. When a class is deprecated by a later version of the Configuration Management Database (CMDB), this plug-in handles BMC Atrium CMDB API calls from client apps using the old class.Configuration Management Database (CMDB)

This plug-in is used by the TrueSight Infrastructure Management (TSIM) publishing server component. It is used to get information from CMDB when a reconciliation job is executed or when a class or attribute information is modified, so that the publishing server can update the cache or run publish in the automated mode to get the newly promoted CIs in CMDB.

TrueSight Infrastructure Management (TSIM)


AR FilterJavaThis plug-in is also called the Event Engine Channels plug-in. It provides a near real-time, responsive and scalable, publish and subscribe mechanism for notifying changes to CIs stored in the BMC Atrium Configuration Management Database (BMC Atrium CMDB).Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


AR FilterJavaThe applications that rely on a CI and relationship data stored in the BMC Atrium Configuration Management Database (BMC Atrium CMDB) use this plug-in to know whether CIs and relationships have been added, changed, or deleted.Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


AR FilterJavaThis plug-in is used to normalize the instances using the Product Catalog data. Based on the product catalog entry, it normalizes the Category, Type, and Item values of a CI. It can also help in creating the product catalog if needed. It runs on all the servers in a server-group environment, however only the Administration server schedules jobs at the start-up.Configuration Management Database (CMDB)
BMC.REMEDY.ITSM.CHG.FILTERAR FilterJavaThis plug-in is used in the Change Management workflow.IT Service Management (ITSM)

DSM.FILTER Open link

AR FilterJavaThis plug-in is the background engine that wakes up periodically and queries to see if there are any new CIs or modified CIs that meet the criteria in the saved queries for a specified CI. If a CI is found, a relationship is created to relate it to the specified CI. It uses its own sandbox dataset to make changes and then runs the Reconciliation Engine job to BMC.ASSET. It allows you to dynamically relate physical CIs to a technical service.Configuration Management Database (CMDB)
REMEDY.ARDBC.SERVER.ADMINISTRATIONARDBCC/JavaThis plug-in is used to provide data for the AR System Administration Console forms. It is originally a C plug-in, but it is moved to Java in 9.x and is now loaded as part of the server itself and not by a plug-in server.AR System server
RMDY.ARDBC.IDM.PLUGIN.AGNOSTICARDBCJavaThis plug-in is used by Identity Management in Service Request Management (SRM).SRM
RMDY.FILTER.IDM.PLUGIN.AGNOSTICAR FilterJavaThis plug-in is used by Identity Management in SRM.SRM

Federated Data Plug-ins (JDBC, CMDBf, AR) Open link


The federated data plug-ins use adapters to connect an external source of data to BMC Atrium Configuration Management Database (BMC Atrium CMDB).

The JDBC adapter enables you to federate data from any JDBC-compliant database. The CMDBf adapter enables you to federate data from any CMDBf-compliant CMDB. If you have third-party CMDBs in your environment, you can use the CMDBf adapter. The AR adapter enables you to federate data from forms on any BMC Remedy AR System servers.



AR Filter


This plug-in is used like a utility module that helps in communication between the AR System server part of Virtual Chat (VC) and other parts on the Mid Tier servers. It also contains utility methods for other tasks.

Virtual Chat


AR Filter


This plug-in is responsible for the communication between the AR System server part of VC and other parts on the Mid Tier servers.

Virtual Chat


AR Filter


This plug-in helps Virtual Chat to communicate with the systems that contain information, which might answer a user's questions on:

  • ProgramD (VC Chat Bot)
  • Knowledge Management
  • Other systems

Virtual Chat


AR Filter


This plug-in helps Virtual Chat to translate messages using Google API or Microsoft API.

Virtual Chat


AR Filter


This plug-in validates a user input using a regular expression, splits a string based on a certain separator, or extracts token from a string.


REMEDY.ARF.OMFOBJIEAR FilterC++This plug-in is used for Service Target (SVT) import, export, and delete functions.Service Level Management (SLM)
REMEDY.ARF.SLASETUPAR FilterC++This plug-in is used to create join forms and display only fields on Data Source Form that are required by Service Level Management (SLM).Service Level Management (SLM)
ARSYS.FILTERAPI.SMARTREPORTINGUSERAR FilterJavaThis plug-in is used to invoke the user sync, content sync, and instant sync functionalities.Remedy Smart Reporting


AR Filter
The Notify ARDBC plug-in adds real-time notifications functionality to Remedy AR System applications and enables clients to receive notification about events in the AR System server.BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management
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