This documentation supports the 20.02 version of Remedy Action Request (AR) System.

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Configuring the Java plug-in server

Configure the Java plug-in server in the AR System Administration: Plugin Server Configuration form. The configuration is stored in the pluginsvr_config.xml file in the pluginsvr subdirectory of your AR System server installation directory. This file should be in the same directory as the plug-in server JAR files and startup script. (It must be in the class path for the plug-in server.) When you add a plug-in to the plug-in server configuration in the AR System Administration: Plugin Server Configuration form and save the form, the plug-in server loads the new plug-in after a configured delay. If you remove a plug-in server or make other configuration changes, you must use armonitor to stop and restart the plug-in server for it to process the changes.

In BMC Remedy AR System 7.5.00, the file encoding of the pluginsvr_config.xml file was changed from ISO 8859-1 to UTF-8. This change enables you to use localized plug-in names in the configuration file. If you modify the pluginsvr_config.xml file, save it as a Unicode file. Some text editors, such as Windows Notepad, save files as single-byte ANSI (ASCII) by default.


Install critical plug-ins, such as an LDAP plug-in that performs LDAP authentication, in separate plug-in servers. If multiple plug-ins are installed on a single server, problems with one plug-in might affect the use of the other plug-ins.

See the Configuring java plug-in servers, for descriptions, valid values, and default values for the Java plug-in server configuration options.


See the Configuring after installation section for configuration of the C-based plug-in server, arplugin.

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