This documentation supports the 20.02 version of Remedy Action Request (AR) System.

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Adding assignment rules

All assignment processes must have rules. A process can have multiple rules in sequential order.

Because assignment processes can share rules, modifying a rule affects all assignment processes associated with it.


Unrelating a rule from a process removes its relationship with that process but retains the rule for other assignment processes.

To add an assignment rule

  1. Open the Assignment Engine Administration Console.
  2. Click the Rules tab.
  3. Click Create.
    The Assignment Rule dialog box appears.
  4. Enter information in the required fields:
    1. In the Rule Name field, enter a rule name.
    2. From the Assignee Form list, select an assignee form.
    3. From the Request Form list, select a request form.
      The Request Form field contains the form references in the Process Definition form.
      The rules that you define fill in the assignment-related fields on the request and assignee forms. These request and assignee forms are external to the Assignment Engine and part of a separate application. The only requirement for these forms is that they have the necessary fields on them to be read and written from the Assignment Engine software. The requirements for these fields vary depending on which Assignment Engine rule methods are used.
    4. Make sure that Status is set to Active.
    5. In the Assignment method field, select an assignment method. See Integrating the Assignment Engine into an application.
  5. Enter a qualification for the assignment rule.
    A qualification string is a specified set of conditions used to make the automatic assignment. The Assignment Engine applies the qualification defined here to try to assign a request to an assignee.
    The easiest way to build a qualification string is to select the keywords and form fields directly from the bar and lists. When you do that, the correct syntax is automatically entered. Assignee form fields use single quotation marks, and Request form fields use dollar signs. For example:

    ('Support Group ID' = $Support Group ID$) AND ('Assignment
       Availability' = "Yes") AND ('Assignment Availability 2' =
       "Yes") AND ('Profile Status' = "Enabled")
  6. Click Save.

Where to go from here

Setting sequencing for rules

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