Validating traffic capture on an Analyzer

After you have deployed a Real User Analyzer and established a traffic data feed to a Real User Collector, the Analyzer should process the collected traffic. Perform the following tasks to verify that the traffic is being processed correctly:

To ensure that the Analyzer is receiving traffic from one or more Collectors

  1. In the Analyzer interface, select Administration > Data flow settings > Analyzer & Collectors management.
  2. Select Last 60 minutes as the time frame and verify that the first graph shows that some traffic has been received. 

  3. If you have multiple Collector feeds configured, verify that the other graphs are showing traffic being sent from each Collector. For more information, see Establishing traffic data feeds between an Analyzer and a Collector.

To ensure that reference lists values are the same on an Analyzer and Collector

Perform the following steps on both the Analyzer and the Collector to verify that the same values are listed for the Host only and Server IP references lists:

  1. Log on to the Collector.
  2. Click Reference lists.

  3. In the Popular section, click Host only
    1. After the list shows up, click Top N in the list header. 

      This will show the most popular host names requested in the traffic that the Collector receives. 

    2. Ensure that the top 10 host names correspond to your expectations. If not, you might need to ask for a correction to the copied traffic.
  4. In the Popular section, click Server IP.

    The Server IP list returns the IP address of HTTP request endpoints. If you are copying traffic to the Collector from a point in your network that is logically in front of the load balancer, then the Server IP address should show the IP address of the load balancer. Otherwise, you might see the IP addresses of the web server pools. For information about deployment scenarios for traffic capture, see Traffic capture and tapping points. Traffic capture and tapping points for BMC Real End user Experience Monitoring Software Edition.

For additional information about Reference lists, see Getting current traffic values from a filter reference list.

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