Setting the files included in an execution log

An execution log is a collection of files that show the details of a single run of an Execution Plan.

By default execution logs can include six file types (.wrt.xlg.err.ulg.log, .tlz). Not all of these files are created by default. You can modify what file types are included in the execution log, and enable or disable file types to fit your needs.

To modify the file types included in execution logs

  1. On the TEA Agent computer, go to the installationDirectory\WorkingFolder\Conf\ folder and open agent_configuration.xml.
  2. Modify the following line to include the file types you want included in the execution log.

To enable execution log files

File typeInstructionsDescription
.wrtCreated by default if the script includes write commandsContains the output of write statements used in the script. An output file is generated only if the script executes write statements.
.xlg or .tlzCreated by default

Also known as TrueLog files, contain all traffic that is sent to, and received from, the server. View these files with the TrueLog Explorer.


Scripts created in Silk Performer version 17.5 or later generate compressed .tlz files. Scripts created in earlier versions generate .xlg files.
To parse data from a .tlz file, unzip the .tlz file and parse the data from the included .xlg file 

.ulgOn the TEA Agent computer, open the perfRun.xml file from your Silk Performer installation. Set the <DebugLevel> element to 3 in all three sections.Records the executed Silk Performer agent commands.
.errEdit the .ltp file of the script and set the <ErrorFiles> element to true. Save the script, and upload it to App Visibility.Contains detailed information about errors that occurred during the execution.
.logEdit the .ltp file of the script and set the <LogFiles> element to true. Save the script, and upload it to App Visibility..log files contain all the function calls that are invoked by the script.

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