Selecting an account-management model for an Analyzer or a Collector

To establish how the Real User Analyzer and Collector components authenticate and authorize users, you select an account-management model for your system. You can choose from the following account-management models for the Real User Analyzer, Real User Collector, and Real User Monitor components:

  • Local accounts — The component handles authentication and authorization through its own passwords and roles.
  • LDAP-managed accounts — The component manages the authentication and authorization of accounts by using LDAP or a hybrid approach in which the LDAP server handles authentication and the component handles authorization. 

    When LDAP handles authorization, the Administrator configures role mappings, which associate LDAP groups with component access levels (roles).

To perform this procedure, you must have Security-level access. 

To select an account-management model for the Analyzer and Collector

  1. In an Analyzer or Collector component, point to Administration > General Settings, and then click Accounts & LDAP management.

  2. Select the LDAP settings view.
  3. To set the account-management model, click the appropriate one of the following options:

    AuthenticationAuthorizationAccount-management model selection
    LocalLocalLet Real User Analyzer manage access
    Let Real User Collector manage access
    Let Real User Monitor manage access
    LDAPLocalUse LDAP for authentication only
    LDAPLDAPUse LDAP for authentication and authorization

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