Monitoring traffic, availability, and performance in real time from a Watchpoint

BMC Real End User Experience Monitoring Software Edition can passively monitor all the incoming and outgoing traffic related to your web applications. This task usually includes sorting through an overwhelming amount of information. To monitor only the parts of your web traffic that interest you, you can define specific segments of web traffic, known as Watchpoints, which you can monitor in detail.

The Watchpoint Summary page enables you to monitor traffic volume, performance, and availability statistics for every Watchpoint. Performance is the measure of how well a server or application instance is functioning, as measured by metrics such as availability, page-render time, and throughput. Availability is a server’s ability to share its resources as intended.

To access the Watchpoint summary, login to the Real User Analyzer, and click the Watchpoints tab.

The Watchpoints table shows the real-time statistics of the Watchpoints:

  • Traffic — Shows the statistics of the requests for the Watchpoints. To drill down to detailed reports, click the numbers in the Requests column. To observe sessions associated with the given Watchpoint in the Session Browser, use the context menu in the Sessions column.

    Drilling down to the Session Browser

  • Availability — Shows the statistics of the requests with errors. To drill down to detailed error reports, click the numbers in the Errors column. To observe sessions with errors in the Session Browser, use the context menu in the Sessions column.
  • Performance — Shows the network, host, E2E and page-render latency (in milliseconds). Click on the numbers to drill into the corresponding reports.

The data in the table is updated every 5 minutes. To view historical statistics, use the Time Range selector to specify custom time range. The retention of the Watchpoint data, also called summary data and available on the Watchpoint Summary, Reports, and Dashboards pages of the Analyzer component, is 90 days.

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