App Visibility end-user monitoring

TrueSight App Visibility Manager end-user monitoring provides visibility into end-to-end transaction time and availability, and browser page performance and availability, for your web-based applications. End-user data enables you to detect and respond when users are experiencing slow response times and outages. With TrueSight App Visibility Manager, you can monitor end-to-end transaction time and identify problematic parts (such as Ajax requests) of a web page.

To implement end-user monitoring, your environment must include the App Visibility proxy component. Through instrumentation by the App Visibility agents, or by manually inserting a JavaScript stub in your applications, the App Visibility proxy processes end-user performance and availability data and events. If users experience long end-to-end time, problematic Ajax requests, or errors, an event is sent to the TrueSight App Visibility Manager system.

End-user data is available only for browser-based rich Internet applications (RIAs) that are based on HTML and JavaScript. End-user data might not be available for native mobile applications or desktop applications.

End-user data is displayed through the User tier and Network tier in the Application View. These tiers show the number of active users, and what percentage of them are adversely impacted by application performance and availability. TrueSight App Visibility Manager adds the BMCTSEUM cookie to the browsers of end users and reads the cookies to monitor user experience.

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