Analyzing and comparing performance metrics in query results

By refining and analyzing a query result, you can discover how the performance of a given session, page, or an object relates to others. Also, you can observe various performance metrics grouped by IP, geolocation, and other parameters, including custom fields.

To analyze a query result

  1. In the Real User Analyzer, drill down to sessions or pages from the Watchpoint summary page.

    The query result opens in a pop-up window:

    Query result window

    This page contains the sessions statistics.

  2. To drill down into detailed statistics for a particular session, click session title.

    Session statistics

    To return to the sessions list, click Back to top View.
  3. To make a more thorough analysis of the listed sessions, on the Action menu, click Analyze.
    The Analyzer query selector window opens.
  4. In Show, select the metric you want to view for the pages or sessions you are analyzing.
    For example, to view end-to-end latency for each page or session, click Latency (E2E).
  5. In Group by, select the metric by which you want to organize the results.
    For example, to organize results by the client IP address, click IP (Client).
  6. In Calculation, select the calculation that you want to use for analysis.
    In this case, click Normalized average.
  7. Click Analyze this.

    The system displays end-to-end latency statistics for your results, grouped by client IP, so that you can see which users experienced the slowest performance.

    Analyzer query selector

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