This documentation supports the 20.02 version of BMC CMDB.

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Planning to extend the data model

The Common Data Model (CDM) includes classes that describe a wide variety of IT configuration items and their relationships, and some BMC Software products install extensions that add more classes and attributes to the data model. But some IT infrastructures still do not completely map to this model. This section gives recommendations for how to extend the data model in such cases so that you can manage your entire IT infrastructure with BMC CMDB.

Your first step in deciding whether to extend your data model should be understanding the CDM and the extensions supplied by BMC products. Study the BMC CMDB Common Data Model Diagram and BMC CMDB Data Model Help in PDFs and videos, and the documentation for BMC products that you own that integrate with BMC CMDB. By reading about the classes that you have, you might find existing classes that serve your needs or at least find the best classes to extend.

This section provides the following information related to extending the data model:

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