This documentation supports the 20.02 version of BMC CMDB.

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BMC Service Context error messages

The following table lists the error number, message type, message text, description, and solution for BMC Service Context errors.


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BMC Service Context error messages

Error number

Message type

Message textExplanation

User response



You do not have permission to access the instance. AR returned error <0>

This error occurs when you try to open the Service Context Summary window for a Configuration Item (CI) for which you do not have permissions.

For example, you have permissions to a business service CI, but you do not have permissions to view its related computer system CI. You can launch the Service Context Summary window from the business service CI, but the error message appears when you try to view details for the related computer system CI.

Verify that you have view permissions for the CIs that you are trying to view in BMC Service Context. For more information about providing permissions, see Providing users with permissions to access the CMDB Portal by using groups and roles.



Cannot connect to UDDI web services registry using BMC Remedy AR System server configuration data. Contact your BMC Remedy AR System administrator.This error occurs when BMC Service Context cannot connect to the web services registry.

From the AR System Administration Console, select System > General > Server Information. Verify the configuration settings in the WS Registry Integration tab.



UDDI web services registry information not found in BMC Remedy AR System server configuration. Contact your BMC Remedy AR System administrator.This error occurs when there is no configuration information for the web services registry.

Register the web service for your BMC application. For more information, see Registering the ServiceContext web service for BMC applications .



Service Context plug-in is still initializing. Try after some time.This error occurs when you try to open the Service Context Summary window or the Service Context Administration window when BMC Service Context is starting.

Wait a few seconds, then try to open the window again.



Fault exception: <0>This error occurs when the provider (the BMC product) returns an error to BMC Service Context.

Review the error message that is displayed, and refer to the documentation for the BMC product for more information.



Invalid recon id <0> is passed. Reconcile your data.This error occurs when you try to open the Service Context Summary window for a CI that has not been reconciled and therefore has no reconciliation ID.

Verify that you have selected a CI that is in the production dataset.


Workflow error

The maximum number of results has been exceeded. Only the first 1000 results will be displayed.This error occurs when the number of results returned to BMC Service Context exceeds 1000.

Change the BMC Service Context configuration settings so that fewer results are returned. For example, change the time limit for certain attributes to show less history, or configure max_search_related_levels to return fewer levels.

For more information, see Configuring attributes by using the Service Context Administration window and Configuring BMC Atrium Service Context cache and data retrieval settings.


Workflow errors

Error retrieving data. $<field_ID>$There was an error when BMC Service Context was retrieving data.

Follow the instructions contained in $<field_ID>$.



Cannot connect to the configured web service.

Ensure that the web service URL is accessible from BMC CMDB. To trouble shoot, verify if the web server is running and check the network connectivity.



Incorrect web service URL is configured. Configure the correct web service URL.

For information about configuring the web service, see Testing connectivity with Service Context providers:

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