This documentation supports the 20.02 version of BMC CMDB.

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Accessing external data through CMDB by using Federation

You can define a data store to represent a source of external data. For example, a data store can represent data from databases (retrieval type) or cross-launch links. You can use Federation Manager to federate external data through a data store, making that data available to view and query with BMC Configuration Management Database (BMC CMDB) tools, such as the CMDB Explorer.

Depending on what kind of data you want to configure to be available in the BMC CMDB, you can use either the cross-launch or the retrieval method.

Task or concept Reference
Cross-launch methodAccess data from a specified federated product by using cross-launch links.Making external data available through CMDB by defining cross-launch links in the Federation Manager
Configuring access method to cross-launch CIs in Discovery.Configuring the access method to view CIs in Discovery by using Federation Manager
Retrieval methodHigh-level overview of the retrieval methodDisplaying external data within CMDB by using federated plug-ins and classes
Before you create federated classes, you must first define plug-ins that can connect with the database containing federated data.Creating AR and JDBC federated data plug-ins to access data external to the CMDB
Retrieve information from external sources of data through plug-ins by creating federated classes.Retrieving federated data stored externally by creating federated classes
Configuring the plug-in server for new federation plug-ins.Manually creating plug-in server configuration entries for new federation plug-ins
Federating to databases that are not JDBC-compliant.Federating to databases that are not JDBC-compliant by registering the data adapter with AR System

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