20.18.01 enhancements

This topic describes the enhancements in TrueSight Orchestration Content version 20.18.01. For a complete list of new features in this release, see What's new in 20.18.01.


For information about issues corrected in this release, see Known and corrected issues

For a list of all adapters, modules, and run books included in this release, see Platform, adapters, modules, and run books.

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Platform – Content compatibility

 Content 20.18.01 is compatible with TrueSight Orchestration Platform 8.1.00.

For the latest released TrueSight Orchestration Platform online technical documentation, see TrueSight Orchestration Platform.

Discontinued support for run books

Discontinued support

Starting 20.18.01, BMC is discontinuing support for the following TrueSight Orchestration run books:

No further versions of the run books will be released.

Application adapter certifications

In this release, the following application adapters are certified with the following application versions. 

Adapter nameApplication versionsSee page
BMC Database AutomationBMC Database Automation 8.9.02Supported versions of BMC Database Automation
BMC Network AutomationBMC Network Automation 8.9.02Supported versions of BMC BladeLogic Network Automation and BMC Network Automation
BMC Server Automation

TrueSight Server Automation (formerly known as BMC Server Automation8.9.03

BMC Server Automation 8.9.02

Supported versions of BMC Server Automation
BMC TrueSight Operations ManagerBMC TrueSight Operations Manager 11.0Supported versions of BMC TrueSight Operations Management
BMC Remedy AR SystemBMC Remedy Action Request System 9.1.03 and 18.08Supported versions of BMC Remedy AR System
BMC Atrium CMDBBMC Atrium Configuration Management Database 18.08Supported versions of BMC Atrium CMDB

For a complete list of the application versions supported by the adapters, see Supported application versions for the application adapters

Bulk transaction operations added to the BMC Remedy AR System actor adapter

The current BMC Remedy AR System adapter includes support for batch operations, which create entries in the application in a sequential manner. In this release, new operations are added to the actor adapter to support bulk transaction operations. The bulk transaction operations are executed in a transaction-based manner. If any of the entries in the operation are incorrect, the entire operation is cancelled.

The following bulk transaction operations are added to the BMC Remedy AR System adapter:

  • Bulk Insert Items
  • Bulk Query Update Items
  • Bulk Update Items

For more information, see BMC Remedy AR System actor adapter requests and responses.

TrueSight Operations Manager monitor adapter now supports Common Event Model

The TrueSight Operations Manager monitor adapter now supports the Common Event Model format. A new element, Use Common Event Model is added to the adapter configuration, which provides an option to convert incoming events to a common event model format. The default value for this element is False. However, while using the monitor adapter as part of the Event Orchestration, you must use the Common Event Model to successfully use the run book. 

For more information about adapter configuration, see Configuring the BMC TrueSight Operations Manager adapter. For more information about the common event model and how it is used for the run book, see Common Event Model for Event Orchestration

Transport Layer Security encryption mode support for TrueSight Operations Manager actor and monitor adapter

The TrueSight Operations Manager actor and monitor adapter now supports Transport Layer Security (TLS) mode encryption protocol. 

For more information, see Enabling TLS mode for TrueSight Operations Manager adapter

New AutoPilot-OA_Common_Utilities

OA utilities are used to store the core workflows used by the workflows in the adapter utilities and Operations Actions Management modules. The following table describes the new AutoPilot Operations Actions (OA) Common Utilities introduced in this release. 

Common OA UtilitiesUtility nameSee
REST Utilities
  • Build Query String
  • Construct Authentication Header
  • Construct JSON Header and default values
  • Convert Input Parameters XML to JSON
  • Convert XML to String
  • Execute Process
  • Execute Process with Auth Token
  • Login
  • Logout
BAO Utilities - REST
XMLAdd XMLXML utilities
CommonGet Epoch Seconds by Time ZoneGet Epoch Seconds By Time Zone
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