What is the Repository?

The Infrastructure Management–PATROL Repository (Repository) comprises two sets of Monitoring Solutions and KMs, known as the Base and Extended repositories.

  • The Base repository contains approximately a dozen components, including the operating system KMs.
  • The Extended repository contains approximately five dozen components, including the database KMs.

Every three or four months, several components of the Repository are enhanced or added. 

Product compatibility

You can use the KMs and Monitoring Solutions with several BMC consoles and products. For information about how to install KMs and Monitoring solutions in the different environments, see Installing.

TrueSight Infrastructure Management 10.5 and laterTrueSight console
TrueSight Infrastructure Management 10.0, 9.6Central Monitoring Administration

In this topic

Determining whether you need to download a repository

The Release notes and notices topic lists the Repository components that were changed or added in the release. If a Monitoring Solution or KM used in your environment has changed, you can download its repository from the Electronic Product Distribution (EPD) site.

Repository documentation

The Infrastructure Management–PATROL Repository documentation lists the Monitoring solutions contained in the Base and Extended repositories. It also documents how to locate, download, and install the contents of the repositories. 

Monitoring Solutions and KM documentation

Although the Infrastructure Management–PATROL Repository documentation does not contain the documentation for each solution or KM, it does contain links that you can use to access the documentation. To access the documentation, complete the following steps:

  1. From the Monitoring solutions topic, select a Repository version from Current version or Earlier versions.
  2. From the Repository page, locate the solution or KM, and click its link in the first column.

Parameter Reference Database

The  Parameter Reference Database (PRD) Open link contains reports of the parameters available from the KMs and solutions in the extensive Knowledge Module (KM) library. You can access these reports in CSV, PDF, or HTML format. 

You can quickly filter the list of products by typing any portion of the product name in the filter box, as shown in the following figure.

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