Monitoring solutions

Monitoring Solutions (also known as Knowledge Modules (KMs)) are located in the Infrastructure Management–PATROL Repository (Repository).

  • A Knowledge Module (KM) or a monitoring solution is a set of files from which a PATROL Agent receives information about resources running on a monitored computer. A KM file can contain the actual instructions for monitoring objects or simply a list of KMs to load. KMs are deployed to PATROL Agents.
  • A monitoring solution is a pre-defined set of metrics that monitor the health and performance of a specific device or service. BMC monitoring solutions are composed of monitor types and attributes.


The solutions in the repository are compatible with several BMC infrastructure-monitoring products. Documentation for each monitoring solution provides installation and configuration procedures, and includes details about its monitored attributes.

The following topics list the KMs that are supported in TrueSight Operations Management and BMC Helix Operations Management:

Managing policies Open link

Configuring Infrastructure Management to monitor and manage your infrastructure systems Open link

PATROL Agent Open link

Installation Utility Open link


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