Fix Pack 1

This fix pack fixes the following defect:

VCI-683 - When using the BMC Infrastructure Management-PATROL Repository version 10.7.00 with predefined packages to upgrade PATROL Agents to version 10.7, an error in the following format is displayed and the upgrade fails. This issue occurs only when you upgrade PATROL Agents to version 10.7 using the predefined packages.

The PATROL installer upgrade process failed while installing due to existing files being used by active processes on the system.

Installation failed (exit code:181). See the RunSilentInstall log file stored in <location> for detailed information.


Apply this fix pack only on BMC Infrastructure Management-PATROL Repository version 10.7.00.

Do not apply this fix pack on any other version of the BMC Infrastructure Management-PATROL Repository.


To resolve the issue, perform the following steps:

  1. Download the repository files. For more information, see Downloading the Repository.
  2. In addition to the base and extended repository files, from the Patches tab, download the base repository fix pack file that corresponds to the Repository version and platform.
  3. Navigate to the Administration > Repository > Installation Components tab in the TrueSight console.
  4. Click Import, select Full repository and click Continue.
  5. Browse and select the appropriate base repository fix pack file from the Presentation Server file system, and click Import.
    (Windows) BMC_TrueSight_10.7.00_Base_Repository_Fix_Pack_001.zip
    (UNIX) BMC_TrueSight_10.7.00_Base_Repository_Fix_Pack_001.tar


    Import the fix pack file after you import the base and extended repositories. If you import either the base or extended repository at a later time, ensure to import the fix pack file again.

  6. Download the required predefined packages.
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  1. Daric Smith

    This mentions a defect number and says "an error is displayed".  How is a user supposed to know if it is relevant if the error that is displayed isn't included?

    Jun 07, 2017 03:27
    1. Sanjay Prahlad

      Hi Daric,

      I added the error message that is displayed. Hope this helps.

      Jun 08, 2017 04:33
  2. Daric Smith

    Can we get some examples of the actual error in the log file as well?

    Jun 08, 2017 08:54