Consolidated list of TrueSight APIs

The TrueSight family of products offers the following REST APIs that enable you to extend and integrate TrueSight products into your environment. To view a list of all BMC APIs, see BMC APIs.

Component or productPurposeReferences

Real User Analyzer

  • Remotely configures various features of the Real User Analyzer component (versions 10.x and later)
  • Retrieves information about system entities, such as geographic performance-compliance levels (Geo PCLs) and incidents, by sending an URL with parameters as the input request
  • Exports or streams records from a staging area

TrueSight App Visibility Manager

Collects report data about applications, servers, transactions, and application health

Using APIs to generate report data for App Visibility Manager

TrueSight Capacity Optimization
  • Remotely manages and controls the interactions with the backend components
  • Enables you to manage placement advice scenarios, create and use hypothetical candidates and targets, and manage scenarios and services on hardware infrastructures
  • Instantiates, retrieves, modifies, and deletes a Chargeback object
  • Works with different types of supported data
  • Executes a time forecast model
  • Searches entities and metrics with a method
  • Creates, retrieves, updates, and deletes reservations

Developing clients

TrueSight Infrastructure Management

Performs functions in Infrastructure Management through web services


TrueSight IntelligenceCollects data to view in in the product

TrueSight Intelligence REST API

TrueSight IT Data Analytics

  • Collects data (view, create, modify, and delete hosts)
  • Searches data and obtains results synchronously and asynchronously


TrueSight Presentation Server

Integrates data from TrueSight Presentation Server with external applications

TrueSight Synthetic Monitor 
  • Retrieves historic or current execution data and metrics for one or more Execution Plans
  • Manages synthetic configurations: retrieves, updates, and deletes synthetic configuration data for your applications
    • Retrieving synthetic execution data and metrics
    • Managing synthetic configurations with APIs

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