Configuring tenants for the Presentation Server in Remedy SSO

TrueSight Presentation Server leverages Remedy SSO for authenticating users. In Remedy SSO, you can create tenants (realms), user groups, and users. After installing the TrueSight Presentation Server, you can associate the user groups created in Remedy SSO with the TrueSight Presentation Server authorization profiles. This enables the role-based authorization to features and components of the product.

Default realm in Remedy SSO

The special character * (asterisk)  is the top level tenant (realm) in Remedy SSO and is equivalent to the BmcRealm tenant in Atrium SSO.

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From the TrueSight console, you can only view the user information. You must perform all modifications to the user information in Remedy SSO.

This section provides information about creating tenants in Remedy SSO and the steps to enable multi-tenancy on the TrueSight Presentation Server.

Before you begin

  • You must have installed the Remedy SSO.
  • You must have set the Remedy SSO general configurations.

To add tenants (realms) in Remedy SSO

To enable multi-tenancy in Presentation Server

If you have not enabled multi-tenancy after installing or upgrading the Presentation Server, perform this task. For a single tenant TrueSight Presentation Server environment, you need not enable multi-tenancy. For a multi-tenant TrueSight Presentation Server environment, you must enable the msp parameter using the following procedure:

  1. Navigate to the folder based on the operating system on which you installed the TrueSight Presentation Server:

    - (Windows) <Install_Directory>\truesightpserver\modules\tomcat\webapps\ROOT\WEB-INF\classes
    - (Linux) <Install_Directory>/truesightpserver/modules/tomcat/webapps/ROOT/WEB-INF/classes

  2. Open the file.
  3. Uncomment the msp-deployment=true parameter and save.
  4. Navigate to the folder.

    - (Windows) <install_Directory>\truesightpserver\bin
    - (Linux) <install_Directory>/truesightpserver/bin

  5. Run the following commands to restart the TrueSight Presentation Server:
    tssh server stop
    tssh server start


  • The msp-deployment=true parameter is commented by default after installing or upgrading a single tenant TrueSight Presentation Server.
  • The msp-deployment=true parameter is enabled by default after upgrading an existing multi-tenant TrueSight Presentation Server.
  • The msp-deployment=true parameter must be uncommented (enabled) after installing a multi-tenant TrueSight Presentation Server.

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