Upgrade issues for BMC CMDB Extensions

This topic contains issues that you might encounter when upgrading BMC CMDB Extensions:

Publishing fails due to duplicate impact management data

If you upgrade BMC CMDB Extensions to version 11.3.01, publishing may fail due to duplicate impact management data. 

Probable cause: The impact management data duplication will happen if you run the pinitpenv init -e PROD -p “InitMgmtData=T” command, and then upgrade BMC CMDB Extensions to version 11.3.01. 

Publishing fails and displays the following error message:

Failure Message: Failed addition: Ignoring candidate data #5785 @0x1f766b0 (mc_udid=OS-4986033828AE4181B3991A35414AFA93) colliding with existing data #0 @0x1f76db0 (mc_udid=STATUS_PROPAGATION_INCREASING)


Run the following command from the Infrastructure Management server:

penv init -p InitMgmtData=T

What happens when multiple Infrastructure Management servers are connected to the same CMDB server?

If you have multiple Infrastructure Management servers connected to the same CMDB server, stop the Publishing Servers except the one that is running on the host computer on which you plan to run the penv init command.

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