Technical bulletin — Hotfix for TrueSight Operations Management 11.3.04

This topic contains information about fixes and updates provided in this hotfix. It also provides instructions for downloading the hotfix.


Hotfixes are cumulative. Install the latest hotfix available in the FTP location.

The latest hotfix contains all the updates released after the base version.


Before you apply this hotfix, ensure that you have installed the base version 11.3.04 of the product. This hotfix contains all the updates released after the base version.

Downloading the hotfix

  1. Download the hotfix and the readme files from this location: 
    • TrueSight Presentation Server Open link
    • TrueSight Infrastructure Management Open link
  2. Refer to the following readme files that you downloaded in the preceding step to get detailed instructions on how to apply the hotfix. 
    1. TrueSight Presentation Server: HotfixCore_TSPS_11.
    2. TrueSight Infrastructure Management: HotfixCore_11.
  3. Apply the hotfix on:
    • TrueSight Presentation Server 11.3.04
    • TrueSight Infrastructure Management 11.3.04


Ability to view and manage infrastructure reports from the TrueSight console

You can now view and manage the infrastructure reports associated with the Infrastructure Management server version 11.3.04 and later using the Infrastructure Reports page of the TrueSight console.


The TrueSight Infrastructure Management operator and SLO consoles were dropped in 11.3.04, and therefore the following limitations are applicable:

  • You can only add or edit SLO reports with the SLO data available prior to 11.3.04.
  • You can no longer access infrastructure reports using the operator console View option.

You can view the Infrastructure Reports page if all of the following conditions are true:

  • At least one TrueSight Infrastructure Management is added as a component to the Presentation Server.
  • You must have the Allow Operations Console permission.
  • You must have one of the following permissions:
    • Allow View Reports
    • Allow Manage Reports


    You must apply the respective hotfixes on the Presentation Server and Infrastructure Management server for the enhancements to work.

For more information, see  Managing infrastructure reports. Open link

Presentation Server issues addressed in this hotfix

Issue IdDescription

After upgrading to version11.3.04, unable to view, create, or edit attribute set.  

Important: You must apply the Hotfix or later on the TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server.


Unable to import the policy from the source machine to the target machine using the CMA policy migration tool.

DRTPC-365Event counts total in the event groups found to be mismatching between the Presentation Server and Infrastructure Management. 
DRTSA-443When using the DNS names and after enabling the TLS, the TrueSight Infrastructure Management server is unable to connect to the Presentation Server.

The Performance Overview tab taking too long to load after updating the duration settings.


An exception BMC_TS-CA000003E is seen in the TrueSight.log file while sending a CacheUpdate listener event.


After upgrading to version 11.3.04, the shaded baselines are displayed incorrectly on the Performance Overview graph.


Provide an ability to view and manage Infrastructure Management reports from the TrueSight console.

Infrastructure Management server issues addressed in this hotfix

Issue IdDescription

The Data Collection & Consistency Status report is not working in a high availability environment.

DRTMN-135A flood of 'KM_VERSION DOES NOT MATCH' messages in the TrueSight.log causes a performance impact and instability to the Infrastructure Management server.

After upgrading to version11.3.04, unable to view, create, or edit attribute set. 

Important: Ensure that you have applied the Hotfix or later on the TrueSight Presentation Server.


The first publish after a publishing server restart may fail due to bad CI data.


After upgrading to version 11.3.04 on Windows with the Oracle DB, the deprecated PwTray monitor is not deleted.

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    After upgrade TSOM V11.3.02 to V11.3.04 , An events on TSPS won't show graph when clicking on Performance Overview tab, Any Reasion? How to Fix ?

    Dec 15, 2020 01:10
    1. Krutarth Mohakud

      ANANT PATIL , thanks for the comment. As the team is working on this and we are following up through email, closing this comment.

      Dec 31, 2020 04:22
  2. Achyut Prakash

    The link of downloading hotfixes for TSPS and TSIM is not working also nothing found in EPD console. How we can get the hotfixes?

    Apr 28, 2021 06:10
    1. Krutarth Mohakud

      Hi Achyut Prakash , please try downloading with Internet Explorer. Let's know if it works for you.

      Apr 28, 2021 09:19