Standard license entitlements, restrictions, and units of measurement

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This page is optional for product or suite documentation spaces. Depending on how your product manager provides license entitlement information, select the appropriate option:

  • If your product manager provides license entitlement information in the license information section of EPD, create deep links to the content on EPD and add those links to the EPD links table. Remove the section that disables commenting.
  • If your product manager provides the content of the license entitlements, and that content is not available from EPD, you might include the content in this topic. The headings in this topic are suggestions so that we can have common, clear sections. However, the specific content will depend on the content provided by your product manager. The license text is approved by Legal and the text in the product documentation must match exactly what is printed in the standard contract terms. Such language cannot be altered.
  • For SaaS products, licensing entitlements are listed as subscription service offerings under BMC Helix services. Link to the applicable service offering content.




The wording in the introduction is mandatory for legal reasons. Update with the product or solution only. 

Review the standard license entitlements, restrictions, and units of measure for the <product or solution> offering. Licensing terms and conditions in your contract take precedence over any published description from this site. License entitlements are subject to change.

Instructions for the license information table

If license information is available in EPD, complete this section. Otherwise, exclude this section.

In the table, use the Link in new window macro to format the deep links to EPD. To create the links, go to EPD Deep Links Open link .

BMC provides information about license entitlements when you download the product via the Electronic Products Distribution (EPD) website. The following table provides links to the page in the EPD website that contains the license information for this product. From the EPD page, select and download the license information file. Access to the EPD website requires that you provide your BMC Support credentials. You might also be prompted to complete the Export Compliance form.

EPD link to license informationDescription of content
<deepLinktoLicenseInformation>PDF document with the licensing information  (for example, Name of license file)
<deepLinktoLicenseInformation>PDF document with the licensing information  (for example, Name of license file)

The information documented in EPD reflects the standard terms and conditions. Additional terms and conditions may be found in your BMC contract and in the End User License Agreement (EULA). Contractual agreements generally supersede standard terms and conditions.

Instructions for the BMC Helix SaaS services section


If the product is available only by SaaS subscription, omit the heading. If the product is also available for customers to purchase for on premises, you must keep the heading, to differentiate this section from the other sections.


Replace the links with links to the applicable services from BMC Helix services.

BMC Helix SaaS services

For a monthly subscription fee, you receive web access to the BMC Helix services you purchase, with the following license options:

Instructions for the licensing calculations, example, features table, and license add-on sections

If the product product is available only by SaaS subscription, omit these sections, because this information is already covered in the Helix SaaS services. If the product is also available for customers to purchase on premises and the license information is not provided in EPD, you must include these sections.

Licenses and licensing calculations

The following table details the licensing model:

Licensed productUnit of measureLicensing calculationLicense restrictions

Licensing example

Features and components available with licenses

The following features and components are available, depending on your license:

Feature or components<License 1><License 2><License 3>



License add-ons

Instructions for disabling customer comments

Include the following section. The "Hide comments" macro blocks people from leaving comments. The combination of show and hide-if statements allows employees to leave comments and lets employees know that only they can leave comments.

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