Migrating from BMC ProactiveNet to TrueSight Infrastructure Management

This topic contains information on migrating from BMC ProactiveNet to TrueSight Infrastructure Management 11.3.04.

Migrating to TrueSight Infrastructure Management 11.3.04 from versions other than BMC ProactiveNet is not supported. 

For information on supported upgrade versions, see Supported upgrade paths for TrueSight Operations Management

The TrueSight Operations Management solution comprises various components, such as TrueSight Presentation Server, TrueSight Infrastructure Management, and so on. The migration flow diagram and the process table enable you to perform the migration smoothly.

TrueSight Infrastructure Management migration process — At a glance

Migration process

Follow the sequence in this section to migrate from BMC ProactiveNet to TrueSight Infrastructure Management.

Install and configure the TrueSight Operations Management environment

Step 1: Install the TrueSight Operations Management 11.3.04 solution

Complete the planning and preinstallation tasks and then install Remedy SSO, TrueSight Presentation Server, and TrueSight Infrastructure Management.Installing

Step 2: Configure Integration Service clusters

Set up and configure Integration Servers.Integration Service host deployment and best practices for event processing and propagation

Step 3: Configure load balancers

Set up and configure load balancers for your environment.

Guidelines for load balancers

F5 load balancer sample configuration

Step 4: Configure integrations

Set up and configure the integration with BMC Service Resolution.

BMC Service Resolution Integrations

Step 5: Tune the environment


Tune the TrueSight Operations Management for optimal performance.

Tuning the TrueSight Operations Management environment

Step 6: Configure users and user groups


TrueSight Presentation Server leverages Remedy SSO to provide single sign-on authentication of users. In Remedy SSO, you create tenants (realms), user groups, and users. After the installation of the TrueSight Presentation Server, you associate those user groups with authorization profiles, which enables the role-based authorization to features and components of the product. 

Managing users and user groups. Open link

Step 7: Configure cell rules

Configure cell rules.

Cell rules. Open link

Step 8: Configure thresholds

Thresholds act as the trigger points for generating events or alarms based on the collected performance data.

Getting started with thresholds. Open link

Step 9: Configure policies

Policies enable administrators to deploy configurations on PATROL Agents and monitoring solutions (also known as Knowledge Modules) in an automated way.

Managing policies Open link

Migrate configuration data from BMC ProactiveNet

Your TrueSight Operations Management 11.3.04 environment is set up and configured. You must now migrate configuration data from BMC ProactiveNet to TrueSight Operations Management.

Step 1: Migrate policies

Migrate Central Monitoring Administration policies and timeframes.

Migrating policies from BMC ProactiveNet. Open link

Step 2: Migrate remote actions

Migrate remote actions.

Migrating remote actions. Open link

Step 3: Migrate AQT commands

Migrate AQT commands.

Migrating AQT from BMC ProactiveNet. Open link

Step 4: Migrate cell data

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