Frequently Asked Questions about upgrading and migrating Infrastructure Management

This topic presents some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about upgrading and migrating to TrueSight Infrastructure Management.

FAQs about upgrading the Infrastructure Management Server

This section presents some of the FAQs about upgrading the Infrastructure Management server.

The previous released versions of TrueSight Infrastructure Management with the latest service packs applied.

For more information, see the following links:

 BMC recommends that the TrueSight Infrastructure Management server be upgraded first.

Yes, KMs compatible with existing PATROL Agent versions will continue to work.

Yes, the existing license file will work. Contact Customer Support for obtaining the latest license file.

Yes. BMC recommends that you back up your existing environment before the upgrade so that the environment can be restored in case of a failure.

Yes, this will work without making any changes to database.

In a multi-server deployment, first upgrade the Child Servers followed by the Central Server.

FAQs about upgrading the Integration Service

This section presents some of the FAQs about upgrading the Integration Service.

Yes. Install a fresh 11.3.04 Integration Service, start upgrading each PATROL Agent, and move it to new Integration Service.

Yes, multiple Integration Services are supported. You can install a fresh 11.3.04 Integration Service on the same computer and move the upgraded PATROL Agents to this Integration Service.

Yes, you can install a new 11.3.01 Integration Service on a different computer and move the PATROL Agents to that Integration Service.

Yes, data collection from the remaining Integration Service(s) continues.

Infrastructure Management 11.3.04 works with Integration Services 11.0.xx with the latest service pack applied.

You can install 11.3.01 Integration Services side-by-side on the same host or another host, and then upgrade the PATROL Agents and directly connect them to the 11.3.01 Integration Services.

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