Deployment use cases for BMC Real End User Experience Monitoring Software Edition

You can use the BMC Real End User Experience Monitoring Software Edition to monitor the end-user experience of multiple applications located in a single location or across multiple data centers.

You can deploy this product in different ways to accommodate a range of conditions and use cases.  For example, you can monitor all of the traffic, or a subset of the traffic by using a set of criteria as a traffic filter.

Scaling for increased collection load

To handle increased traffic volume, deploy additional Real User Collector instances. If traffic volume increases to the extent that more than three Real User Collector instances are required, you must deploy additional Real User Analyzer instances.

System scaled to handle increased collection load

Scaling for increased processing demand

If you have deployed more than three Collector instances or if a single Analyzer cannot efficiently process all requests for statistics, dashlets, reports, and so on, deploy additional Analyzer instances that share the demand load from the Collectors. In this deployment, a Collector is linked to multiple Analyzers so that the load can be balanced between each Analyzer.


You cannot aggregate data from multiple Analyzer instances.

System scaled to handle increased processing demand

Multiple data center deployment

You must deploy at least one Real User Collector instance in each data center. If a single data center has multiple tapping points or if one Collector cannot handle the traffic load, deploy additional Collector instances (one per tapping point and as many as necessary to handle the traffic load).


If you must deploy more than one Collector instance, use a smart tap to direct a subset of the traffic to each instance.

In multiple data centers, deploy one or more Real User Collector instances per data center. All Collector feeds provide data to a central Real User Analyzer instance, or set of analyzers.

In another location, deploy one or more Real User Analyzer instances and add these Real User Analyzers to the TrueSight Presentation Server.


  • A single Analyzer instance can receive data from a maximum of three Collector instances.
  • A single Collector instance can send data to a maximum of 12 Analyzer instances.

Multiple data-center system

Segment-based deployment

You can deploy the Real User Analyzer and Collector to monitor by segments of traffic.

By using the Watchpoints feature, you define a Watchpoint to monitor a particular subset of your web traffic in detail, such as an application (or group of applications) or a group of similar users (for example, users of a particular browser).

Each Real User Analyzer instance brings a maximum of 120 Watchpoints to the system. If you need more than 120 Watchpoints, or if you want to balance the processing load, you must deploy additional Analyzer instances.

System scaled to monitor a large number of traffic segments

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