Validating XML specification files for the adapter for IBM Tivoli

Use the following procedure to validate the XML specification files for the adapter for IBM Tivoli.

The validation process verifies that the following are correct:

  • XML syntax 
  • Instance names and group names, based on real-time collection from the TEMS

To validate XML specification files

  1. On the BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server, define the PNS_HOME variable for the Integration Service.
    • (Windows) PNS_HOME=installationDirectory\pproxy\PNS\bin
    • (Solaris) PNS_HOME=installationDirectory/pproxy/PNS/Solaris28-sun4
  2. At a command prompt, change the directory to PNS_HOME.

  3. Run the validateXML command according to the following syntax:

    bin/itadapter --srv <hostName>:<port>:<userName>:<password>:http --validateXML


    • hostName is the IP address or computer name of the TEMS 
    • port is the port that listens to the TEMS (default 1920) 
    • userName is the name of a user with access to the TEMS 
    • password is the password for access to the TEMS
  4. At the end of the validation process, one of the following results is displayed:




    Validation is successful


    PNS_HOME is not defined correctly or no XML files exist in the itxml directory


    Validation fails. Check the XML for errors or duplication.

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