Troubleshooting issues related to events

This topic lists how to troubleshoot issues related to events in the Presentation Server.


These instructions are applicable to version 11.3.03 and later.

Event mismatch between the Presentation Server and Infrastructure Management

Events from Infrastructure Management are inserted in Elasticsearch. If there is a mismatch of events, check for the following message in the TsimAudit.log file: Failed to insert events in to system due to

Solution 1:

Sync events between Infrastructure Management and the Presentation Server: 

On the Presentation Server, run the following command from the <Presentation Server installation directory>\truesightpserver\bin folder to obtain the component name:

tssh component list

Run the following command to synchronize events with Infrastructure Management. Use the component name that you obtained.

tssh event sync {Component Name}

Solution 2:

Check the Elasticsearch health in the IndexserverHealth.log file. Look for entries in the following format:
The following table lists the various status:

Deployment typePresentation Server statusLog entryStatus
StandaloneRunningYellowElasticsearch running as expected.
High-availabilityBoth nodes are runningGreenElasticsearch replication happening between both nodes.
High-availabilityOnly one node is runningYellowElasticsearch replication not happening between both nodes.
High-availabilityOne or both nodes are runningRedElasticsearch replication issue.

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