Troubleshooting Infrastructure Management Server issues

The following issues are related to Infrastructure Management Server processes:

Agent controller error

When an Infrastructure Management Server is started, the following error message maybe displayed in the TrueSight.log file.

ERROR status_change_msg_rt [ProcessStatusChangeMessageHandler_Rate] Proactive check for FedCacheRuntime status failed. [AgentController] Missing Resource String
java.rmi.NotBoundException: AgentController

By default, this message is suppressed for 15 minutes.

You can suppress this error message for a specific time period by adding the following property in the <TSIM Install Directory>\pw\custom\conf\pronet.conf file: 



  • The pronet.apps.agentcontroller.statup.acnotbound.ignoretime.minutes property is supported only with TrueSight Infrastructure Management version 11.3.02 or later.
  • Restart the Infrastructure Management Server after you set this property in the pronet.conf file.

If the error message occurs after the specified error suppression time period, restart the Infrastructure Management server again. For further assistance, contact BMC Customer Support.

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