Technical bulletin — Announcing scripts to correct file permission restrictions on 11.3.02

Issue: File permissions are removed or restricted for specific users on various files on Windows and Linux platforms

This issue occurs on both Windows and Linux platforms of Presentation Server and Infrastructure Management server after applying the Fix Pack 11.3.02. Applying the Fix Pack version 11.3.02 results in access denied errors when accessing these files or attempting to run the tssh commands on the Presentation Server and pw commands on the Infrastructure Management for any user other than the one who performed the 11.3.02 Fix Pack installation. This is because some of the file permissions are removed for the Administrators group on Windows and restricted to the owner (700) on Linux. 


  1. Download the script and Readme files from this location:
  2. Run the script on both the Presentation Server version 11.3.02 and Infrastructure Management Server version 11.3.02 to restore the permissions.

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