Preparing to install the TrueSight Operations Management solution

Installation of the TrueSight Operations Management solution requires you to complete various preinstallation tasks. You can download the installation files from the BMC Electronic Product Distribution (EPD) site. 

Preparing for installing the components

The following topics will help you prepare for the installation of the individual components:

Remedy Single Sign-On

Best practice

You must download, install, and run the TrueSight Health Check Tool to generate an HTML report that lists the actual and recommended values for parameters such as OS settings, database, logs, configuration files, and so on in your TrueSight Operations Management environment before you install or upgrade.

TrueSight Presentation Server

Preparing to install TrueSight Presentation Server

TrueSight Infrastructure Management

Preparing to install TrueSight Infrastructure Management

TrueSight App Visibility Manager

Real End User Experience Monitoring

Preparing to install Real End User Experience Monitoring Software Edition


BMC Real End User Experience Monitoring Software Edition version is the latest version of the component and is compatible with TrueSight Operations Management versions 11.3.01 and later.

TrueSight IT Data Analytics

Preparing to install TrueSight IT Data Analytics

Where to go from here

After completing the preinstallation tasks, you can begin installing the TrueSight components.

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