Preparing to install BMC Impact Integration Web Services server

Before you install BMC Impact Integration Web Services server, ensure that you have addressed the following requirements.

System requirements

See BMC Impact Integration Web Services Server requirements.

Installation directory

By default, the installation utility designates the drive with the largest amount of available space as the directory for the installation. If you do not want to use the default directory, create a directory where you want to install BMC Impact Integration Web Services.

Port availability

By default, the Tomcat server on which BMC Impact Integration Web Services is installed uses port numbers 9080 (HTTP) and 9443 (HTTPS). BMC Impact Integration for Web Services server uses port 1859 for the IIWSGatewayServer.

To verify that these ports are available, perform the following procedure.

  1. In a command prompt or in a terminal window, enter the following command:
    netstat -a -n

    The output displays all connections and listening ports, together with their addresses and port numbers.
  2. If the default ports are in use, determine which port numbers you will use and change the defaults when prompted to do so during the installation.
    You can also change the port numbers after installation by editing the server configuration files. For more information, see  Ports that can be configured after installation

Port conflicts

As a standalone Apache Tomcat installation, the BMC Impact Integration Web Services Tomcat server could have a port conflict if there is another instance of Tomcat installed. The following ports are found in the $IIWS_HOME\tomcat\conf\server.xml file:

Tomcat server ports

Port purpose

Port number


9080 (user input)


9443 (user input)

Tomcat server


Tomcat AJP


If the Tomcat server fails to start due to a port conflict, use the following steps to change the port number.

  1. Open the $IIWS_HOME\tomcat\conf\server.xml file in a text editor.
  2. Change the port number and save the file.
  3. Start the Tomcat server, as described in  Starting and stopping the BMC Impact Integration Web Services server

User account

Windows users must install the package under an administrator account or an account with administrator privileges.

Linux and Solaris users must install by using a root account.

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