Installing TrueSight Operations Management components on a single computer

If you are installing the TrueSight Operations Management components on a single computer, use the following guidelines to avoid conflicts in the port numbers between the components:

AJP connector port

The AJP connector port (8009) in the server.xml can conflict between Infrastructure Management and Remedy SSO when installed on the same system. As Remedy SSO does not use the AJP connector port, you can change this for Remedy SSO to a different port number.

  1. Install the TrueSight Infrastructure Management components with default ports. 
  2. Install Remedy Single sign-On.
  3. (Windows) Stop the Remedy Single Sign-On Server service and delete the extract (extract location of the install files) folder from the temp (temporary download location of the install files) directory.
  4. (Windows) Start the Remedy Single Sign-On Server service.
  5. Install the Presentation Server using the ports that have not already been allocated to Infrastructure Management Server or Remedy Single Sign-On Server. 
  6. Register the TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server with the TrueSight Presentation Server 
  7. Install the App Visibility server components using the ports that have not already been allocated to the previously installed components.
  8. Register the App Visibility server with the TrueSight Presentation Server.

To install the TrueSight Operations Management components in a production environment, see Installing.

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