Installing Remedy SSO in the standalone mode using the Remedy installer silently

Where you are in the Installation process

Step Task
1 Complete the planning activities
2 Prepare for TrueSight Operations Management installation
3 Install Remedy Single Sign-On — Phase A (You are here)
Install Remedy Single Sign-On — Phase B
4 Install TrueSight Presentation Server
5 Install TrueSight Infrastructure Management (If licensed)
6 Install TrueSight App Visibility Manager (If licensed)
7 Install Real End User Experience Monitoring Software Edition (If licensed)
8 Install TrueSight IT Data Analytics (If licensed)
9 Complete the post-installation activities

The silent (or unattended) installation obtains the required user inputs from the options.txt file. Create the options file before you begin installation. If you plan to configure a PostgreSQL database, specify the PostgreSQL-specific properties too.

To create the silent options file


For any version-specific changes, you must see the corresponding version of the Remedy SSO documentation.

Specify the following properties in the options.txt file:

Using MSSQL database

For Standalone installation

-P installLocation=<path where product info will be located> example: C:\SSO\RemedySSO
-A productRemedySSO
-J TOMCAT_HOME=<path to tomcat home> example: D:\tc
-J DB_HOST=<FQDN host> example:
-J DB_PORT=1433
-J DB_MSSQL_DBNAME=rsso_ok21
-J DB_USER_PWD=<password>
-J DB_ADMIN_PWD=<password>
-J COOKIE_DOMAIN=<cookie domain> example:

Using PostgreSQL database

-P installLocation=<path where product info will be located> example: C:\Program Files\BMC Software\RemedySSO
-A productRemedySSO
-J TOMCAT_HOME=C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 7.0_sso_server_18081
-J DB_TYPE=Postgres
-J DB_HOST=<FQDN host> example:
-J DB_PORT=5432
-J DB_USER=rsso_user_si
-J DB_USER_PWD=<password>
-J DB_ADMIN=postgres
-J DB_ADMIN_PWD=<password>
-J COOKIE_DOMAIN=<cookie domain> example:

To install Remedy SSO using the silent Remedy installer

Do the following:

  1. Apply the following guidelines to edit the options.txt file:

    • Remove the comment (#) markers.
    • In UNIX environments, ensure that no Ctrl+M characters appear in the options.txt file.
  2. Run the installer with the -i silent option:
    • (Windows) setup.exe -i silent -DOPTIONS_FILE=<path_to_txt_file_with_installation_options>
    • (UNIX) sh setup.bin -i silent -DOPTIONS_FILE=<path_to_txt_file_with_installation_options>

Troubleshooting installation issues

If you face issues during installation, see Troubleshooting the Remedy Single Sign-On server deployment.

Next step in the Installation process

Step 3 Phase B — Now that you have successfully installed Remedy SSO, you must set up the Remedy SSO server.

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