Implementing private certificates in the TrueSight Infrastructure Management

The following section guides you to create a signed certificate for the Infrastructure Management server and cell.

Best Practice

CLI commands to create and import certificates easily and quickly are available with 11.3.02 and later. BMC recommends that you upgrade to 11.3.02 or later to use these CLI commands. For details, see  Creating and importing certificates in TrueSight Infrastructure Management.

Before you begin

Before creating a private certificate for the Infrastructure Management server and securing the communication, ensure the following:

To apply the Infrastructure Management server certificate to the TrueSight Operations Management components

Once the Infrastructure Management Server and the cell certificate is generated and secured, you need to apply this certificate to various TrueSight Operations Management components that you have integrated in your environment. The following section guides you how to apply the Infrastructure Management server certificates to TrueSight Operations Management components.


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  1. John Conroy

    Within this page are tsim.cer and mcell.crt the same and tsimSrv.key and mcell.key the same?

    Also is it correct/accurate to interchangeably use the phrases "private key" and "private cert"? It causes the novice great confusion. My, possibly incorrect, understanding is that the key is the private bit that a server uses to encrypt and the the certificate is a "fingerprint" used by a client to confirm that the server it's communicating with is what it expects. Getting the certificate signed gives an additional level of trust to the client that the server is saef to communicate with. This unclear terminology is present in almost every BMC page discussing this.

    Mar 10, 2020 11:37
    1. Rashmi Gokhale


      I will discuss this with the SME and update you.



      Mar 12, 2020 12:03
      1. Rashmi Gokhale


        I checked with the SME and confirmed that tsim.cer and mcell.crt are the same, similarly tsimSrv.key and mcell.key are the same. The mcell.crt and mcell.key are created for the cell components.



        Jun 08, 2020 07:01