Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about architecture and scalability

This topic provides answers to frequently asked questions about architecture and scalability.

User interfaces

It is a web client. 

The PATROL Classic Console is only required for developing KMs. PATROL Central is also considered a "secondary" console and is only needed for certain uses cases.  It should not be required in most environments. 


The TrueSight Operations Management Best Practice material is published on the BMC Communities web site at

High Availability

Yes. The Presentation Server includes built-in application level High Availability. 

Security and authentication

BMC Atrium Single Sign-On is included with your TrueSight Operations Management license.

Yes, on Windows Server 2008 R2.


Yes, but this is not an out-of-the-box capability. Setting this up would be a custom configuration requiring BMC Consulting Services. 

Service impact models

Yes. You can view the top service CI and its status in the TrueSight console. You can view details of the model in the Infrastructure Management Server though a cross-launch.

Infrastructure Management

This depends on the use case for the Central Server.  The Presentation Server replaces most of the functionality of the Central Server, however a Central Server installation of the Infrastructure Management Server is required for integration to BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management (CLM). It is also required if you are using "Distributed Service Models" as provided in previous releases of BMC ProactiveNet. The use of "Distributed Service Models" has to be evaluated in each environment to determine if the Presentation Server can replace that functionality for each specific environment.

To improve scalability and efficiency, the data processing layer has been separated from the presentation layer. The Presentation Server provides access across a number of underlying technologies for operations and administration. For example, infrastructure monitoring, application monitoring and modeling, IT Data Analytics, and so on. Additionally, the TrueSight console hosted on the Presentation Server provides a more modern user interface with support for HTML5, tables, and so on.


No. Postgres is used only for the Presentation Server. The Infrastructure Management Server still uses Sybase or Oracle. 

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