Configuring an Infrastructure Management multiple-server deployment

You can configure a central TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server to monitor events from multiple TrueSight Infrastructure Management Servers for centralized event administration, and to expand the abilities of a single event processing TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server. You can also use central TrueSight Infrastructure Management Servers to structure event and data collection around a distributed hierarchy based on geography, business operation, or other dispersed functions of your organization.

In a central TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server, you can aggregate the following types of events:

  • Abnormality events and early warning events that are automatically detected from statistically significant abnormal trends 
  • Monitoring events that are generated from Infrastructure Management monitors or third-party adapters that retrieve performance data from other monitoring solutions 
  • Third-party events that are sent by other monitoring applications

On a Central Server, you can perform the following activities on events from other servers:

  • View event details 
  • Run event operations, such as taking ownership of events or assigning events 
  • Export events 
  • Copy events 
  • Launch the TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server from the computer where an event originated 
  • View the BMC Server Automation device history if Infrastructure Management is integrated with BMC Server Automation

In the event view, you can also launch Related Events and View Remote Action Results from the Central Server, when the relevant icon is displayed in the Message column of the event.

A Central Server does not require a separate installation, but it does require configuration. On the Child Servers that supply data, you must configure the propagation policies to propagate events to the Central Server. On the Central Server, you must add details about the child servers.

The following topics provide procedures to configure the child server and the central server:

To configure TrueSight Infrastructure Management Servers for multiple deployment, verify the following prerequisites:

  • Ensure that all TrueSight Infrastructure Management Servers are of the same version, Infrastructure Management 8.0 or later. 
  • Confirm the server port and protocol of the Child Servers. The default server port is 80 and the default protocol is HTTP. 
  • When working behind a firewall, open the server ports for the central and child TrueSight Infrastructure Management Servers.

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