Applying Remedy Single Sign-On Server private certificate to the TrueSight Presentation Server

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  1. Przemek Tomczuk

    Hello, are we sure these are the full instructions? There seems to at least a PS restart missing.

    Jan 28, 2019 11:26
    1. Rashmi Gokhale


      Thankyou for your feedback. Can you please clarify about this? Does this mean, the Presentation Server restart instruction is missing after importing RSSO certificate into TSPS truststore?

      Jan 29, 2019 03:17
  2. Holger Weis

    And how I get the Presentation Server Secure?

    Feb 03, 2020 07:50
    1. Dony Sheppard

      Holger Weis   It all depends on which version of the TSPS you have at present.

      I would follow the recommended best practice process found here:

      You will find the process for all TSOM Components here:

      The new process introduced as part of the 11.3.02 release is provided here:

      If you use the newest process just understand that all of the commands follow a very literal expectation.

      If for example your certificate request that you recevie from your CA does not contain a chain that has a root, intermediate and then the server certs then the tssh certificate import TSPS command will fail.  It is looking for all three to be contained in the cert provided from the CA.

      If you encounter issue with the tssh certificate commands you will need to revert back to the traditional process of using the keytool commands to import the certs.




      Feb 03, 2020 09:39