Access security for BMC Real End User Experience Monitoring Software Edition

Access policies

The Security user ensures the access security by setting up the following access policies:

  • Session inactivity timeouts
  • Password strength validation
  • Password expiration time
  • Account lockout after a number of invalid logon attempts
  • Possibility of concurrent use of a single user account
  • Automatic logon prevention

Configure these and other access policies in the Account policies and Services pages under
Administration > Security settings menu item of the Real User Analyzer.

For more information, see the Enhancing access management (Analyzer) Open link section.

Entitlement groups

To distribute access to Watchpoints for Observer users, use the Entitlement groups. Observers who are assigned to an Entitlement group have access to data from only the Watchpoints associated with that Entitlement group.

Enable the use of Entitlement groups in the Real User Analyzer by selecting Administration > Security settings > Account policies, and configure them by selecting Administration > General settings > Entitlement groups.

For more information, see the Defining entitlement groups to restrict access to traffic data Open link section.

Configuration files

Although security best practices advise against storing clear text passwords, there are some cases that require the passwords to be included in some configuration files.

It is important to ensure that the following configuration files are only accessible to Linux users that have root account privileges

  • EUEM_HOME/common/virtual_to_software_edition/
  • EUEM_HOME/common/virtual_to_software_edition/mysql/db.conf
  • EUEM_HOME/common/virtual_to_software_edition/postgres/db.conf
  • EUEM_HOME/<component>/apache-tomcat/conf/server.xml
  • EUEM_HOME/<component>/victor/bin/diagnostics/
  • EUEM_HOME/<component>/victor/conf/platform/security/keystore/java/keystore
  • EUEM_HOME/<component>/victor/conf/laika/accounts/backup/users.xml
  • EUEM_HOME/<component>/victor/conf/laika/accounts/users.xml
  • EUEM_HOME/<component>/victor/conf/laika/
  • EUEM_HOME/<component>/victor/conf/laika/truesight-cfg.xml


If the passwords in these files were symmetrically encrypted, you would have to generate or choose an encryption key and store it in clear text, or in a keyfile encrypted with a clear text passphrase. This offers additional protection than the original passwords being stored in clear text.

Any other encoding of passwords is an unnecessary complication, and can easily be reverse engineered.

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